Sunday, November 20, 2005

Razz Again

I played in a Razz tourney. Scored 6th for $16 this time. Not bad. Of course it took me 16 hours to finish. Ok, I exagerate. A little. I ended up getting screwed by a guy who had a Q high draw with 2 pairs on the board and still caught runner-runner cards to beat me. MORON! Full Tilt has been fun though! The Angry money is up a few bucks and enjoying being angry.

I won a little in O8, however, I made a bad play drawing to a NUT NUT low that killed me. I had the 234 and a two low was on the board. A tool was betting into the pot, when someone who I KNOW plays well re-raised $46. Luckily I could fold to that bet, but I had called the $10 bet before.. GRRR!!!!! So I ended up only nine bucks instead of $39 for the night. Boo! I did win some money from the Bloggers too! That table is funnnn!


Blogger Veneno said...

You really like this Razz thing? When I was watching you play yesterday I thought it was a pretty crazy game. Perhaps you have found your perfect

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