Friday, December 02, 2005


Busted out of Wil's Tourney. I can never freaking spell his name. First or last. Anyhow. I had pocket 4's, three people left to act, so i raise $800 which is over half my stack but only 3xBB. Someone comes over the top of me. I know at best I am 50/50, but I am probably dominated. However, I am left with only 6BB so I decide to call and hope for AK. It turns out to be KK and I do not suckout. Blah!

Back to the SNGs. One more for the night then I am calling it a day.


Blogger penneriii said...

I'm pretty sure that someone was me and you'll be... happy?.. to know that I pushed in again when someone came over the top on my raise. I had KK again and the guy flips over QQ and flops his Q to take me out in 14th. Thats poker I guess.

8:11 AM


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