Thursday, December 01, 2005


Took second in an SNG. Could have had first. Made some good and bad plays. Got lucky. Got unlucky. I actually feel good about even making the money. The blinds were up to $200, I had 1K left and was doooomed. However, I came back, horded my large stack, watched alot of people go out, and finished up second. So nine of these left to go. Score so far:

Sir: 1-2nd, Donkeys: 0.

The bankroll stands are $128 for anyone who is counting also.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got back on the SNG bandwagon, took a 2nd yesterday and finally finished 1st today! Gotta love the single tables

10:00 AM

Blogger fairnbalncd said...

I'm pulling for ya! Get after it this weekend. I'm taking time off to have an extended weekend out-of-town with the fairgirl!

10:45 AM


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