Friday, December 02, 2005


One guy takes me out after almost giving me the whole SNG. I have AQ. He has Q8. We both have even chips. The flop is Qxx. He bets, I re-raise him twice what he bet. He calls! Some people just can not lay down. Of course when the 8 on the turn did not scare me and he pushed I called. My bad there. SO I am down to 300 chips. I go all in with K3 and AK against him. He gets me up to 1K chips again. Now here is the good hand. I have A8. The flop is 8T. The turn is a 9. I push. I am fairly sure I am ahead. So he has to call off half or more of his stack. Of course he does with 73 of diamonds. Of course the river gives him a flush. He was 20% at best with one card to go. What a donkey!

SirF: 1 2nd, 1 3rd.
Donkeys: 1


Blogger Wes said...

Donkey's always win. Er, maybe I'll have to stop saying that since I won the WWdN tourney. Or perhaps that is the explanation of how I won.

7:45 PM


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