Saturday, December 03, 2005

Final table again finally..

Well I made the final table again. Check these blinds out. I was playing a LHE MTT and was close to first. However with these blinds it was a crapshoot.

So anyway, it was not much money. I made 39x my buyin and took home almost $40. I enjoyed myself and made the final table which is always nice. The hand that took me out was TT vs AQ. He had TT and the flop was 66T.


Blogger chipper said...

Just wanted to say a hearty "good game" SirF. I recognized your avatar in the $1 MTT game today from reading the blogs. I was the guy who ended up knocking you our with my fortunate pocket 10's. You played a great game. Grats on your finish.

I ended up blowing a near 2:1 chip lead heads up and ended up 2nd in the MTT. Took about 5 hours but was a lot of fun!

chipper (aka the pokerdwarf)

3:29 PM


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