Friday, December 30, 2005

It Lives

Sorry I have been gone.. just kind of crazy over the holidays. I cracked one of my back teeth and so now I am existing between states of pain and ice induced relief. I had to laugh again when I noticed I did not mention that Gordo was playing in a Stud game. The smart people picked that fact up. Sean from Aniawhatchamacallit blog mentioned that most stud tables are eight players.. any seven other people want to see what happens when they run out of cards? It is good to see him back anyways..

Christmas was weird. It really drove home a lot of the reasons my wife and I can not get along. We just see every situation from different eyes. Some of our friends come by for Christmas which was nice. However we had an interesting altercation where she attack me with a spoon and freaked out into hysterics and then asked a few minutes later why I was downstairs ignoring everyone. Hello? You attacked me, right? Nooo.. just joking. I guess I can not take a joke. Some hands are way too hard to play. Hold-em or Fold-em?

My sister and I did not exchange gifts for the first time ever. I guess I pissed her off too much during Thanksgiving. I was contemplating buying her a prison outfit but held off. Her birthday is coming up though so that leaves some options.

Life keeps on going.. the question is do I really want to live this way when I am Fourty? Fifty? Sixty? Is the way we live really benefiting anyone? So many things to think about.. oh well..


Blogger Veneno said...

She attacked you with a spoon? Is a spoon even a weapon? Of course it was a was kinda funny.

Hope you figure it out.

Have a good new years!

5:42 PM

Blogger Jestocost said...

Consider yourself lucky. My ex-wife once kicked out the windshield of my car (from the inside) while I was driving. With that as your frame of reference a spoon attack seems positively genteel.

5:50 PM

Blogger iamhoff said...

Living with somebody who is a polar opposite is a rough situation. I'm in the middle of that myself. We're not married, but there is property, the modern tie that binds. I haven't been attacked physically, but lots of yelling and screaming. I'm far from the right person to give advice, but I hope you can figure things out. In any respect, have a Happy New Year, and I hope it brings more peace and understanding than 2005 apparently did.

1:31 AM


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