Friday, December 16, 2005

Sir Plays the 20/4 on Full Tilt

sirfwalgman: I busted a buyin on FT
sirfwalgman: I push 5 bucks
sirfwalgman: with Gutshot and Flush Draws
sirfwalgman: guy with just straight draw calls
sirfwalgman: he catches the one straight that doesnt include me
sirfwalgman: the poor girl with TPTK was just doomed anyways
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: I love every site
sirfwalgman: because I get my money in with the best hand
sirfwalgman: every time
sirfwalgman: (almost)
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: ive decided to win this 9K game
sirfwalgman: it is my destiny

sirfwalgman: 381 and I am seated
sirfwalgman: I have changed my Icon
sirfwalgman: from Angry Monkey to Happy Plant
sirfwalgman: I totally forgot about happy lawn gnome

sirfwalgman: 381 entrants
sirfwalgman: 2K+ for first
Scott: nice
sirfwalgman: 41$ for 26th
sirfwalgman: 1 all in already
Scott: homany pays?
sirfwalgman: 36
sirfwalgman: sorry
Scott: ick
sirfwalgman: 36th Pays $41
sirfwalgman: im all about first man all about first
sirfwalgman: i cant stop laughing about the Phil Gordon Story
Scott: ???
sirfwalgman: 1 all in already
sirfwalgman: Mrs Human Head Played Phil Gordon at Roshombo
Scott: yeah I read that one
sirfwalgman: its so funny
sirfwalgman: especially since Phil Gordon is my new Poker Hero

sirfwalgman: 5 minutes in. Have played zero flops
sirfwalgman: ultra aggro table
Scott: shit in the poker stars MTT stuff I might not get one in until 2nd level
Scott: 3rd sometimes
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: I like to limp early and often
sirfwalgman: when the cards dictate it
sirfwalgman: 40 entrants down
sirfwalgman: 349 to go

sirfwalgman: I watched Doyle in the Masters Championship the other night.. he tilted his guy HU BIG TIME
sirfwalgman: I was SOOOOO impressed

Scott: I titl players so fucking bad I have been banned from games
Scott: I had a guy send me a 4 page e-mail telling me never to comeback
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: If I won as much as you I would send myself that email too
sirfwalgman: level 2: 326 Remaining
sirfwalgman: still have not played a hand

sirfwalgman: ak, qq, 55.. 55 flopped the set before the big bets
sirfwalgman: he now has 7600 cheeps
sirfwalgman: and is the cheep leader
sirfwalgman: qq put his whole stack in with an Ace on the board
Scott: lol
sirfwalgman: oooh I may get to play my second hand
sirfwalgman: ATo
sirfwalgman: in MP.. little early for my liking but I have not played anything
sirfwalgman: OMG
sirfwalgman: some guys goes all in with KJ
sirfwalgman: and AQ with overs calls
sirfwalgman: umm.. ya, AQ, thats a good time to fold
sirfwalgman: level 3: 286 remaining
sirfwalgman: 1255 chips left
sirfwalgman: 2 hands so far

sirfwalgman: I think the secret to me playing good poker is... A cable TV in my office
sirfwalgman: ooh I may get to play my 3rd hand
sirfwalgman: I am so excited
sirfwalgman: dammit
sirfwalgman: fucking bluff steal raise
sirfwalgman: 2 all ins
sirfwalgman: qj, tj, 66
sirfwalgman: qkt flop, q river
sirfwalgman: sorry fives
sirfwalgman: sixes
sirfwalgman: time for me to get a run of cards about now..

sirfwalgman: AA
sirfwalgman: 3xBB raised
sirfwalgman: everyone gonna fold
sirfwalgman: yip
sirfwalgman: i should steal from the cutoff
sirfwalgman: this tables WAY tight
sirfwalgman: or check-raise my aces
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: Level 4: 261 left
sirfwalgman: 30/60 blinds
sirfwalgman: 1255 cheeps

Scott: this is my most favorite post I ever wrote
sirfwalgman: a8 BB
sirfwalgman: lol
Scott: read it at break
sirfwalgman: k
sirfwalgman: 30 mins till break
sirfwalgman: A8 twice
sirfwalgman: BB and SB
sirfwalgman: its a sign!
sirfwalgman: 214 of254
sirfwalgman: not too good
sirfwalgman: better than 255 though
sirfwalgman: semi-bluff raising in the CO
sirfwalgman: everyone folds and I make some scratch
sirfwalgman: 1330
sirfwalgman: 196 of 247 now
sirfwalgman: SirF Rulez
sirfwalgman: took 2 limpers and the blinds
sirfwalgman: SWEET

sirfwalgman: AA again
sirfwalgman: raised 3xBB
sirfwalgman: flopped a set
sirfwalgman: AA vs A9.. he was drawing dead
sirfwalgman: 2625
sirfwalgman: the semi-bluff check-raise worked well
sirfwalgman: I.E.
sirfwalgman: I bet 180 pre-
sirfwalgman: I see the flop
sirfwalgman: I bet 100 into a 400 pot
sirfwalgman: I get raised
sirfwalgman: then I come over the top for 600 more
sirfwalgman: why cant people fold A9?

sirfwalgman: this cock keeps raising every freaking hand
sirfwalgman: (he's playing the rooster)
sirfwalgman: he has dropped 4000 in 3 minutes
sirfwalgman: flopped tp weak kicker
sirfwalgman: T
sirfwalgman: i am super bluffing
sirfwalgman: all in
sirfwalgman: with a flusg board
sirfwalgman: I was ahead anyways
sirfwalgman: 4870 for me
sirfwalgman: he had Q5
sirfwalgman: and calls my 1800 dollah bet
sirfwalgman: fuck
sirfwalgman: I am shaking now
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: ADRENELIN RUSH
sirfwalgman: It was a bet based on the read that A) This guy lost 5K in 5 mins, B) He bluffed alot, and C) Fuck it.
Scott: you won it?
sirfwalgman: ya
sirfwalgman: for sure
sirfwalgman: 4870 chips now
sirfwalgman: 80 blinds
sirfwalgman: 206 left
sirfwalgman: I am in decent shape

sirfwalgman: he calls 1800 with Q5, vs my QT
sirfwalgman: he was right
sirfwalgman: I was bluffing
sirfwalgman: but he still didnt have me beat
sirfwalgman: fuck him anyways
sirfwalgman: I did the classic I have a flish draw move
sirfwalgman: and he called me anyways
sirfwalgman: I call his 300 bet
sirfwalgman: then I push when the 3rd heart hits the board
sirfwalgman: its a classic tell online
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: now I dont want to play a hand for 3-4 more levels
sirfwalgman: I am within spitting distance of first place
sirfwalgman: 3K
sirfwalgman: oh oh cock is out
sirfwalgman: QQ vs AA
sirfwalgman: 7K to zero in less than a level

sirfwalgman: 99
sirfwalgman: calling 200 raise
sirfwalgman: crappy flop
sirfwalgman: crappy turn
sirfwalgman: 8 mins to the break
sirfwalgman: 190 left
sirfwalgman: gnomes scare me
sirfwalgman: bluffed at a pot with K9
sirfwalgman: won
sirfwalgman: 4760
sirfwalgman: 39 of 177
sirfwalgman: 5 mins to break
sirfwalgman: I took down a Gnome btw, I am very proud
Scott: lol

sirfwalgman: ako
sirfwalgman: EP
sirfwalgman: scary
sirfwalgman: some bitch went all in
sirfwalgman: 1260 to call
sirfwalgman: 1300 pot
sirfwalgman: 2 overs
sirfwalgman: down to 3500
sirfwalgman: on AK and AQ
sirfwalgman: maybe I am playing too weak
sirfwalgman: 55 loses me another 300
Scott: right as i get dealt 55
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: 3185 and the first break commences
sirfwalgman: down 1700 with 3 good hands
sirfwalgman: arnt good hands the bane of poker players, lol
sirfwalgman: great hands and bad hands are easy to play
sirfwalgman: 158 left
sirfwalgman: your truely is in the middle of the pack
sirfwalgman: at 78th

sirfwalgman: raised A9 pre-
sirfwalgman: 1 caller
sirfwalgman: bets out 780 on the flop
sirfwalgman: I think I am being picked on
sirfwalgman: so I am going to take advantage of that
sirfwalgman: very soon
sirfwalgman: im out
sirfwalgman: got too cute with an OESD
sirfwalgman: and TPTK couldnt lay it down
sirfwalgman: 1 card away from doubling up though
sirfwalgman: LMAO


Blogger Wes said...

Is it possible to get a seizure just from reading a blog post?

7:28 PM

Blogger Meek said...

I love hitting those flish draws.

6:17 AM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

I love these posts. Keep 'em coming, Sir!

12:00 PM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Did anyone else read Scott's post from his blog?! Craziness!

And who wears a purple jogging suit?!

12:11 PM


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