Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Secret

I have figured out the secret of Poker. Come closer. We do not want the Donkeys to hear this. It is very important. Please do not tell anyone else. The secret is: "Close your eyes". YES! You heard it here first. I will not charge you for this information. Please use it at your own discretion. If you find it useful you can always send me a few bucks on Stars.

I have a couple theories on why this works. The first and most obvious one is that if you are not looking the suckouts do not hurt enough. So the Poker Gods(tm) are not amused enough. They enjoy it when each card makes you wince and the river causes you to outright cry. It is fun for them when they give you a straight on the turn, only to give your opponent a flush on the river. If you are not looking they can not be bothered to screw with you. The joy is removed from torturing you and there are plenty of other people who do look at every card.

The other theory I have been mulling around in my head is the fact I am a Power Channeler. Psychic. Energy. You see when I focus on the table I see the cards of my doom and hence bring them into being. If I close my eyes then I can see nothing and I escape my evil power. If only I could think about positive cards in these situations.
This has a very truthful, spiritual feeling to it and could be the cause.

Either way I think I am done with the suckouts and river beats. Ask anyone who has seen me play. I never win the 80% in my favor hands. Even the 97% ones are tough. Trauma, Veneno, Chief, all will attest to the fact that I have the WORSE luck ever. My favorite saying is "If I was not so good at Poker my bad luck would kill me". However, I have figured out why and now as I cower behind my hands until the hand is over I have broken the curse. Not a single bad suckout today. It works kids. Try it.

Either that or I am really am insane.


Blogger Veneno said...

Thanks for the tip! I believe. It help me in the MTT tonight. The only hard part is knowing when it is safe to look

12:42 AM


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