Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Musings

As we head forward into the New Year it is important to look back upon the mists of history to see where we might guide our ship in the future. It has been a hell of a poker career so far. The first year was filled with success and only success. As that came to a close the second year was filled with mostly insanity. However there were a bunch of great moment in-between the craziness.

Playing live at Foxwoods was an excellent experience. I enjoyed meeting my first Blogger and I do not think I could do much better.

Winning a “Saturday with Pauly” blogger event was also a high point. It means a lot to win any tournament but the better players at the events are people I really respect. Being able to get the cards to take them out was incredibly fulfilling. Not to mention busting out the Guiness touting dwarf and crippling my favorite Doctor. To top that all off I actually scored high enough in the entire competition to say I was seventh in all Bloggerdome. It impressed me since I am usually a solid middle of the pack kind of guy.

I think as I move forward into the next year I am going to let things be as they may. I am going to try and have a little more fun and take the poker a little easier. Probably play less of a daily schedule and more of whatever might be fun. I will try and turn the insanity down a little and play more ring games. I want to play more than just HE this year. Mix my games and types of games up a lot more. I still want to play MTTs but I think I will try and get a real bankroll going through limit ring games and once I have something established I will play more tourneys. I want to play a lot more live. I enjoyed it a lot and still need to add a live tourney to my resume. I intend to do this soon. There actually is a NL/HE tourney for $45/15 on Monday the 2nd of January. The downside is it starts at 8AM. So the easiest way to get to it would be hitting the NL tables at 1AM and then waiting for the sun to rise. That could be fun. I also have a theory that I play better online poker when I have something else to keep my attention. So I want to get a TV back into my office and have something to watch while waiting for hands.

I think the past two years have been a mix of extremes of both sides of the poker spectrum and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. So here is to finding out how good I really am in the next year and of adding more balance to life and enjoying things more.


Blogger trumpjosh said...

Happy New Year, sir!

All she could find was a spoon? Amateur.

2:27 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

TV eh?..So does that mean you don't want me distracting you in the chat room?

Balance is good. Hope you find some of that. Having fun while you play has always been my motto..enjoy! And definitely play more live poker. And a live tourney, very good idea. Love them.

Looking forward to seeing you on the tables again.

5:49 PM


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