Wednesday, January 18, 2006

O8 on Full Tilt

Played a little O8 last night with poor results. I think to play the game you have to be in the right frame of mind or else you start chasing everything. I was actually up a little on Full Tilt early on but started giving it back.

I also played the O8 10$/1 Tourney. I ended up placing 15th or so for a small payout. It is a fairly easy game to beat. It usually startes with a few hundred people or less. As a matter of fact all of these non-HE tourneys seem to attract <200 fields on Full Tilt. I have tried one Razz and one O8. Placing ITM and bubble boy in them. In the bubble boy match I would have made the money except for a mental error. I THOUGHT I was HU with the small stack so I raised. Actually a large stack was also in the hand. He of course re-raised me with 235. I called that bet and folded the flop when he caught a 4 and I caught nothing. If I was paying enough attention I would have just limped. That was enough of a loss to knock me down and eventually lead to my bubble. So initial scouting seems to show a nice soft game. However you need to make final table to make any good money.

It is a HUGE leap from 15th to 1st in the O8 tourney. I had 5K nearing the final table and the chip leader was already at 18K. The blinds also were so high that whatever hand you chose to go with you were committed to. I ended up pushing against a loser with AA2 s00ted. He had AJx S00ted, no low, and caught a runner-runner straight to take the pot. My final $700 in chips was able to hold me up
for another two spots in the money but I was basically doomed.

So in conclusion these are fun, cheap, tourneys that allow you to practice skills in games besides HU. They are not too difficult to cash in however making the good money could be hard. I highly reccomend them if you just want to enjoy playing a tourney.

BTW - Hella, I have heard you can get Orc's blood out of your wedding dress by using a mixture of unicorn tears and leave from an umpa-lumpa tree. heh. I was actually thinking of signing up for an account on the way to work today..


Anonymous Zeem said...

Nice stuff. You're going to help your holdem game by playing these other games. I think stud and stud/8 are great for teaching aggression, which seems to be the key in stepping up in both cash games and tournaments. Omaha8 seems like a good start for holdem players seeking a 2nd game, as the approach is similar to low stakes limit holdem.

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