Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Ok, enough about other people, it is ALL ABOUT THE WAFFLES. I have been TOTALLY emjoying myself on the LHE tables. OMG! I just got a promotion to TAP from Poker Tracker! See I am not loose! Now if I could only work on that post-flop game. Ahh, why ruin a good thing.

So over a short period of time and very few hands it looks as if I am getting back into it. I have 5/BB-100 in the 1/2 game and 10/BB-100 in the 2/4 game. Not too shabby. It will obviously fall back to something around 1-3/BB-100 over time. I have not felt outplayed in these games. I have scaled back on any kind of tricky moves. I also will not go to war or call down second pairs more than once. I do like to sometimes call down a hand to see what my opponent was raising with. It totally frustrates them when I river my trips too.

My VP$IP dropped to 18.78 which I guess is tight, where 18.9 is Slightly Loose. Go figure. I am not ready to play alot of 2/4 but I figure I should play a little bit to get used to the game. I buyin short for $40 which gives me a perfect stop-loss figure. It also makes me alot less nervous. I am not sure why $80 makes me nervous. It never did the first time I played this game. Oh well. We will have to wait a little for that to go away.

The bankroll is at a semi-healthy 999.61. The Poker gods are taunting me and telling me to stop looking at the bankroll all the time. It can only get one into trouble. I agree. These are some of my biggest issues. Oh well. I think I am getting slightly better at the whole sphere that is poker and only time will tell. I like grinding. It suits me well. Even though I am aggressive as hell in NLHE, I like playing safely in LHE. I think it also could benefit my NLHE game somewhat. I have been getting a little loose on my calling lately.

So anyhoo.. hope it is all going well for you my loyal readers. Until next time: Sir Waffles signing out.

PS: Almost forgot. Be there or be square. I am so playing in this even though it is above my bankroll:

Blogger WSOP Satellite Tourney
PokerStars - Private Tab
April 3rd, 9PM EST
$30 +3 No Limit
Password: socoshot


Anonymous Zeem said...

"Book of Bluffs" will get you thinking about post-flop play.

I could sweat you some time if you want some feedback. I may be a shitty pseudo-blogger, but I can help you lose the P in TAP.

Good luck.

11:18 PM

Anonymous Zeem said...

One thing you can try is go down a level (.50/1) and play 6-max. Ed Miller has written about 6-max on the Two Plus Two site. You will have a lot more "default" pots where the flop is unlikely to have helped any player. This will lead you to be more aggressive. Passive play is problematic in limit holdem.

6:23 PM


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