Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ZeeJustin Tries Again

Zee Justin has tried the apology thing again. I sort of think he should quit while he is behind. He is just not very good at apologizing.

At that time, I unfortunately did not realize that what I was doing was unethical. For starters, many of the poker players that I have learned from were using the same practice. This obviously doesn’t make it ok, but I wasn’t questioning it at the time. Until recently; this wasn’t a well hidden fact. People seemed to accept it as ok and talked about it in the open.

Ummm.. Bullshit? You did not think it was UNETHICAL to have five shots at a tourney instead of one? I guess maybe you were brought up by bad parents or something cause cheating is obvious and I have a hard time beleiving you did not know this was wrong. Just be honest: Everyone else was doing it so I wanted an advantage too.

Anyway, I am not going to harp on this. I am not sure he should be stigmatized for the rest of his life but he probably will be. Poker players do not like cheaters. Hell, they do not even like whiners or people who take there chips to the bathroom with them. I wish him good luck in the future and I hope he does learn a lesson from this. It just seems hard to beleive that he really feels like what he did was wrong. It looks more like his PR guy said "Say this Zee, it will sound good". I do hope he means it when he says he is done with cheating. Only time will tell. He is a damn good player and I wish I had half the skill he has but I guess I will just have to live with 100x the integrity.


Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Wait... some people take their chips to the bathroom with them?!

10:12 AM

Blogger katitude said...


1:54 PM

Blogger huma said...

I very much doubt he will ever live this down. Poker players have long memories.

I don't know the guy personally but I respect his skills. However if he sat down at a table with me I doubt I'd be able to stop myself saying 'hiya Cheaty McCheater'

Really sucks for him. What a massive mistake.

7:34 PM


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