Monday, June 12, 2006

S00ted My Man!

I just wanted to put up a second post saying that in no way did I mean to insult s00ted.. I think the fact that he is asking these questions is good. I do feel strongly that you should have a full buyin, however, to clarify, even though his post is the reason for my paragraph of text I in no way think he is a an idiot.. it is just my way to be extreme! In some ways I think G3 confirms that he probably is playing a little above his bankroll, or just as bad, playing above where he feels comfortable losing. So anyways keep it up and keep learning man. It is a long path. Everyone go over and give the man a hug. heh.


Blogger Marxst1 said...

I on the other hand am a strong believer in always playing for more than you're comfortable losing... my comfort level is set to one red penny... I lose more than that I'm ticked :)

12:01 AM

Blogger g3no said...

Yepyep marxst1.. Same here, whenever i close a poker session with less i started and even if it is just 10cents i feel like a complete failure, poker is a dumb game, that the whole world is against me, and that the guys who run PartyPoker manually dealing the cards just to annoy me! Like the NY Times said: Poker is evil!

12:23 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Looks like my son would of won the "last longer bet" last night at the Hoy.

Hey, Chris, a.k.a., Drewspop, was thinking of joining me at Foxwoods for the fall classic, or whatever they call it, in November. You in?

I'm thinking of playing in the 2000 person cluster fuck, $600 event. Soooo many fish, it is hard to pass these up for the higher buy in, since the EV is soo good.

10:00 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey, can I come to Foxwoods?

11:37 AM

Blogger sooted said...

Waffles, my man, no problemo dude. That's what discussion is all about. And I posted a reply - check it out.

9:05 PM


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