Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Boy

The boy is a pain in the ass sometimes. It makes him both very loveable and very frustrating at the same time. He decided he wanted to break his arm so he could get a cast like Sarah. I convinced him not to do this. If he is not the center of attention he gets a little angry. So I made him a cast out of newspaper and that seems to have worked. Actually to get back at Sarah for getting so much attention he went an got bit by a bee or wasp or something. It swelled up a little but not too bad.

On another note I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers ever!!!! Well not really meet but I talked to.. get ready for it.. Lord Geznikor!!! What? You newbies do not know him? Well he is the only blogger who I would say is crazier than me. nuff said. If you have not read his archives you should. I really respect the honesty in his writing and it is a code I try to live up to. I am really hoping that he goes to the meet up in December.


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