Saturday, July 15, 2006

WPBT and Ick Finally Wakes Up

I awoke on the day of the WPBT tired but excited. It was going to be a great time. I awoke and showered and then tried to figure out how to get to Caesars. Now I could have paid for a cab or taken a tram or even walked but I had a better idea: Call Ick and sneak out of the cab before he can complain! Hell he is a doctor he can afford it fuck him.

I patiently awaited in the lobby until I saw a JohnnyCakes stride by. I went up and said “Ick?”.. unfortunately I had the wrong JohnnyCakes. Finally the slowpoke showed up. We instantly hit it off. It was kind of like how the pretty girl always likes to hang with the fat girl so she looks even better. It would work very well for him.

We arrived at Caesars, after I successfully stiffed him on the cab fare. This would end up being a huge mistake since I would have to hear him whine about it all weekend. Ick made some gay remark about the ceiling of the hotel. I would find out he does a lot of gay things as the weekend continued. We made our way to the poker room and had to go through a three-phase registration process. People started wandering in and we were all seated up front.

We got to hear a semi-funny talk from Michael Craig. I am a harsh critic. It may have something to do with him always raising my blinds but we will get to that soon. He talked about his new stint with PokerWorks and the article he wrote. I tried to link up to it but got a 404 error. He talks about all the things he has stolen from poker pro’s. I guess he probably has been fired or arrested already.

Howard Lederer spoke on the important issues of Internet gambling bans. None of us would be here without online sites like Full Tilt, Poker Stars, and even evil Party Poker. He detailed a lot of the lobbying he has been doing for the cause. He also strongly recommended you join the Poker Players Alliance. I will say Howard is a lot scruffier in person than on TV. Shave and bath you stupid poker player.. oh wait, forget it.

A really scruffy Phil Gordon showed up too. He was really tall. Like a giant overgrow fuzz tree. He was talking about his great charity! The guy is a real giver. April wishes he would give her some. Soon afterwards the Roshambo contest kicked off. Now Cartman says Roshambo is a contest where I kick you in the balls and then you kick me in the balls. Last person standing wins. I go first. However they played Rock, Paper, Scissors instead. Veneno with her incredible suckout powers was able to win the whole thing! WOW! Great job! She gets a one-on-one session with Phil for her troubles.

Finally I was seated at what would be my only table of the tourney. Why? Well let’s see who was on my table at my first live tourney ever.

One seat was me. Two seat was Spaceman. The spaceman is a really cool guy. I got a chance to chat with him a little and he was really nice. A guy you could really hang out with if he didn’t bust out of the tourney first. Three seat was Helix. Four seat was Donkey Puncher.

Fifth seat was Derek! Dr. Paulies brother! One of my lifelong, ok, ok, since earlier this year, goals was to play some Poker with Derek. I finally got my wish. Mrs. Head in the 6th. We then had two poker book writers in the seventh and eighth seats. Russel Fox and Michael Craig, I wonder if they have ever played poker before? We finally rounded out the table with another one of my favorite people: Studio Glyphic. You might know him as last years winner of the WPBT. Needless to say this was not an ideal table for my first tourney ever.

The MTT actually went pretty quickly for me. Spaceman was good enough to Gigli so I did not have to worry about that. He was replaced by a much easier opponent: Absinthe. Who the hell did I piss off? Michael Craig played some tough poker. He raised every hand he decided to play almost. It also helped that he was hitting like Mike Tyson before he sucked.

I got involved in a hand with him that I played pretty poorly. He raised like he always does so I was looking down at A8c and re-raised him another three hundred. However this was probably not enough to get him to laydown. He got a nice flop of Qxx with two clubs. I decided to bet out for 500 and he cold called. The turn did not give me a club and he bet out another 1400. I had one card to go. Overs. A flush draw. He was giving me almost 3:1. I am not sure I should have called here. It was an iffy call especially with deep stacks. I did not improve and I think Michael hit a straight on the river or something like that. I just checked behind him with my A8c. The play in this hand would lead to my eventual demise.

I tried to bluff Mrs. Head off a hand but I forgot to say raise so it ended up just being a call. I am not sure she would have folded anyways. The final hand of the tourney at least let me whine a little. I am not sure who this blonde kid in the Full Tilt jacket was but he called my all in for 1K in chips with ATo. I had Jacks and of course he flops an Ace and rivers a T. Ouch. Oh well. Although it was an iffy play he did win. I was disappointed and out.

The Caesar’s did not have enough dealers to spread enough cash games for us so I ended up 16th on the list. I got to meet Smokkee and his Smokking girlfriend. Nice job man! I got to see DoubleAs, one of the poker players I respect the most. I walked around a little and met a few people. I saw the lovely EvaCantHang. So many people… So little time.

I finally decided to head back to the MGM. Veneno was heading that way so we shared a cab. It was good to get a chance to spend a little time with her. We quickly headed out to the tables when we got there.. and No, I did not stiff her on the Cab fare.

Next Episode: Saturday Keeps on Sucking


Blogger Veneno said...

Wow you must be sick! A few postings now with my name and so far they are all nice things. The Roshambo was soo much fun. And scruffy or not Phil is too FINE! I cannot wait for my lesson.

Thanks for not stiffing me on the

10:41 AM

Blogger trumpjosh said...

Definite table of death, my friend. Sorry we didn't have time to meet, but I was not around too much due to my wife wanting to spend time with me. She needs to learn how to play poker... hmm.

11:19 AM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Yeah...anyone who knows me and reads this will smile in assent. I am chronically late by nature. Just can't figure out how to get anywhere on time. Fortunately you looked like you were working off a night of drinking yourself to sleep, and couldn't have cared less!

Also, you are underplaying the ripple of star-struck fascination that blew across the tourney both when you arrived and later (not that much later actually) when you busted. I keep tellin' you: in the blogosphere, I am E to your Vince. Wouldn't have it any other way.

4:56 PM

Blogger katitude said...'s a hint..WEAR A WATCH!

7:08 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:36 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

That was a pretty tough table.

I remember thinking in that hand you played against Michael Craig that you should push on the flop... oh well.

The Full Tilt guy was a Full Tilt employee. Don't remember if he has a blog, though.

After you left, April took your seat and proceeded to first cripple, then destroy me.

12:57 PM


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