Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bubble Boyyyy

Bash at the boathouse picture are aewsome. Maudie groping Pauly was especially interesting. I did not know if I should puke from seeing Paulies man boobs or get turned on by seeing Maudie grope nipple. You decide.

Do Jordon and SoxLover look like brothers? Is Jordon Bald? He actually looks a little bit like what I would expect. You can tell he has an attitude from his face. He has to be a born New Yawker.

Played a little WWDN last night. I had fun bubbling in 10th. I can say truthfully: No Suckouts, No Sucked out on. It was a little annoying to push AQ with 5 people at the table and get called by AK. I think my luck is on a downswing so hopefully that will turn around soon. Really no choice but to push. My M-was bad and moving into pathetic. The guy with AK also had a sickly green M and of course had to call.

I watched a few of my friends go deep, even money, but end up dissapointed. It is almost worse to beat 1200 donks and end up in 24th place for barely any money (4x buyin) then to bust out in 1199th place. Congrats to Drewspop for doing this last night. Even though I know he was dissapointed he did goot. This is the Smokkee-Hoy gambit I beleive. I think they push smaller edges earlier to get that huge chip lead you need.

In EVERY MTT you play it is almost guarenteed you are going to get sucked out on. Probably sucked out on HUGE. The key is to have enough of a stack to survive the inevitable occurance and go on to win. People have different strategies for doing this. Some like to push early and often. Others like to play tight until the blinds increase and then go for it. I like to limp early and often. Hit a monster. Get paid. Easy right? I think the place my game needs to improve is in the mid-end sections. I always end up getting chipped down when the blinds get huge and I am waiting for a hand. I need to throw more bluffs into my mid-end game so I can steal blinds and keep up with the top 25% of the field instead of getting so low I need to push. I think this is the one adjustment that will see me make more final tables. The other thing I need to do is not go all crazy when I make chips early. In that case I need to slow down and stop seeing as many flops. I tend to piss away alot of chips when I get off to a good lead which is obviously bad. I think with a few adjustments I can do much better at these things. It is just experimenting with the right combination of Donk and TAG at the right times.

I think I do better at the small field games (like WWDN) since you do not have to (usually) get a huge chip lead. I rode 4K in chips to 10th place last night. You can play TAG all the way through and still win these. Really went card dead towards the end. The smaller field games are alot easier to beat than the 1300 person games and thus need a different strategy.


Blogger L'artiste said...

While stealing blinds is good, stealing raises is even better. Re-stealing will allow you to survive those mid-game bouts of card-deadness.

7:50 AM

Blogger frodaddy10 said...

Hey Walmart--check out they have some pointers for you, lol. I have never thought of you in the context they describe.

8:06 AM

Blogger drewspop said...

Yeah that sucked. I did have the stack though, just made a dumb play and couldn't recover in time because I suck.

7:58 PM


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