Thursday, October 19, 2006

Around the world..

People seem to be less and less tollerant. Like would this bother you? I mean cmon ladies, it is not like your ever going to use them.. am I right? How the heck did this chick see them anyway? Perv.

How about this? Is this a plot from the Atlantians? No, not those ones, these ones. Are they training killers to come after us?

How about this little broo ha ha? As you learned in my last Spice Girls post: I am not black. However does that really offend anyone? I mean it is not like he was saying "Hey you my slave boy!".. He made a perfectly acceptable english statement.. why would this offend anyone? When has this asshole ever worked a real day in his life anyways? Fucking rich guy probably tells the spanish maid to suck his dick or he will deport her. The real truth is it probably did not but you can never pass up a chance for free publicity.

I also hear through the grapevine that Netteller is giving up on US residents. So it may soon be a wee bit hard to get funds in. This should be a good motivation for you to improve your game. Have a nice day.

Holy shit! I am getting one of these!!! When they are ready at least. I need a +5 cloak of invisability to go with my +4 vorpel blade.

Fuckit since I went there I might as well link to these two interesting articles. Watch out Hella!

Fuck it since I am on a roll.. I got a kick out of this. Next time you think your luck is bad watch this.


Blogger KajaPoker said...

I love that Hudson-Farha first hand bust out. I was just thinking about it yesterday. Can you even try to imagine the feeling?

7:39 AM

Blogger Guin said...

You just can't say that someone is acting in a niggardly way these days without pissing someone off!

I usually have to tell them to look it up.... similar to chauvinism which most americans suffer from!

7:42 AM


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