Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Where the fuck is Ick?

Congrats to Jewels on her last ever for now WWDN. She did g00t. Only outlasted by a drunken-aggro dwarf, a Weak Playah, and some other donk I do not really know.

I started thinking about writing about why I took a little time off from the online poker game and it probably deserves a full post but I am not really in the mood. If you read my posts back in April I had finally achieved "Poker nirvana". I know it is hard to believe. I was totally at peace with my game. If I got rivved or killed when way ahead then so be it. It is POKER. I was at total peace with the nature of the game. I think it is important to have this attitude.. not just say you have it. It also is something that can come and go. Lately I had lost my mojo.. Culminating in a nice set of rants which ended with slagging off a really nice person: Joanne. I really do not want to feel that way about poker so I have basically been playing a lot less in the past few months.

It has been a pretty decent year for me Poker wise. I still have not attained that little place where you actually make money that means something. However I have booked in a 1K profit from Online play, around 600 for live.. and even a nice little 1K advertising bonus. All of this has been cashed out. So while I have not and may never reach the success I think I can at least I am not losing.

Anyhoooo.. I hit the tables at Full Tilt again this week with a whole $50 bankroll!! WHOO HOO! I really want to play in the Big Game this week. For those of you not in the "Cool Kids" club.. Don has setup a game for this Sunday. NLHE Double Stacks. 9:30PM. Password: donkey. The buyin for this even is $75, hence the name "The Big Game". It is the largest buyin home-game on the "Blogger" circuit and it will be interesting to see who shows up.

So what do I decide to play with my $50? You guessed it 50/NL!! WOO HOO!. Sorry they do not have blackjack on Full Tilt yet. I have played a conservative but aggressive game this week and had some interesting ways to win. I pulled off a few huge bluffs on the first night.. to get my stack up a bit, then cracked someone with QJs. I flopped TPTK and felt I was ahead. The turn brought a 5 of spades so I had a flush draw and my TPTK. The other guy pushed in for $16 more into a $20 pot so it was pretty easy to call.. but I felt I was ahead.. He turned over A5o and I held up. I took a few good stands like that but when is a call a "Good Read" and when do you just get lucky you were actually ahead? Interesting question.

I had MiamiDon on the IM while I was playing and it was VERY interesting to hear his thoughts. He is a cash game player and his thinking is totally different than mine. The hand in question I have AK out of position with one raise before me. I re-raise with my AK which is something I hardly ever do. He cold calls.

Now to me my raise says I have a big pocket pair and his call says he has something speculative like AK/AJ/TT/99 something in that range.. The flop comes Qxx. I bet out just about pot and he cold calls. The pot is now twelve bucks. I see his call as being weak.. so I fire a pot size bet on the turn when another Queen falls.. he thinks for a bit and folds like a little girl.

MiamiDon said his take on the hand is my re-raise means I have a weak hand like AK.. and that if it was him playing he would cold call me with AA/KK in that situation and then outplay me on the flop and turn to extract a lot of money. In my opinion my re-raise meant I had a really strong hand and my two bets backed that up. I am not a big fan of bluffing at these levels but I wonder if our difference in opinions on what hands the other guy had and what I was representing was a cash vs MTT mentality or a 50/NL vs 200/NL game mentality. Any thoughts?

Last night I played 50/NL again with my now much improved 100$ bankroll and again doubled up. No real skill there. I flop a set. Guy bets into me hard. I turn a boat. Guy pushes on me. Guy flips over AJ on a AQQx board to be drawing dead. Now I have a MASSIVE 150$ bankroll. Wow I am cool. heh.

** Word of caution: Any newbies reading this please do not play 50/NL on a 50$ bankroll.. you should at the very least have $500 and probably more.. you will probably read about how I blew it all in the near future.

So I am bankrolled for the Big Game this weekend for the moment.. and I am also going to hit up the Mookie tonight. If you have not been it is a blast. AlCantHang has taken it under his wing to get eighty people there!!! Go help the ole' drunkard out and show up dammit!

Last but not least, is anyone interested in showing up at Foxwoods in November? I am all for the 18th if it works out better for most people.. right now it is basically me and Jordon circle jerking each other which while somewhat interesting is not exactly what I had in mind. Where the hell did BoneDaddy go? Does he have a job? I thought for sure he was coming. I guess he got gaped in some Atlantic City alleyway and is too sore to sit down and read my blog. So if you interested in going to Foxwoods in November post a comment. It should be fun.


Anonymous mookie99 said...

Glad you can make it out tonight.

Bone Daddy was on a cruise and is now in San Antonio for a few days. On Friday he is driving up to Austin so he can visit the Big O and play in the tourney.

I'll have some pictures of him and the tourney up on Monday.

Would love to make the trip to Foxwoods in November, but the Vegas trip a couple weeks before will keep me away. (Unless I hit it big...ok so I won't be there)

8:14 AM

Blogger Jules said...

Thanks for the sweatage and support babe. Can't say I disagree to much with the esteemed Don's read on this cash game..but..I also have to qualify that's how you play it online. Live you'd have a different approach based on reading the player, but I can't imagine a circumstance in cash where I'd fire twice at a board with AK and no hit.

But what do I know..I had to go back and get a job ;)

12:55 PM

Blogger slb159 said...

I watched Don play a few rounds of 200$ HE yesterday and the play was not much better than anything I've seen playing at 25$ or 50$ HE. A guy flew through a 100$ buyin in about 20-25 hands, and Don said that he had already rebought once before.
Your reraise with AK pf would look to me like a big pp as well. Just good that he prolly took you for someone playing a tv hand like AQ after the second Q fell. He was prolly holding a decent pp himself. Hope he's not reading, hehe.

1:05 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ya I tend to agree with you Jewels.. which is why I said I do not like to bluff often.. not needed at 50/NL.. as they guy with AAJ vs my QQQQ was willing to put his entire stack in. It did work however.. and an occasional bluff is alot of fun.

I think more than anything I was amazed at how differently we looked at the hand.. which is good..

2:03 PM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

In one word - Buffalo.

Three more - Building A House.

Damn shame I missed the last post - I worked overtime trying to figure out what all those big words meant. Have you never heard that brevity is the soul of wit? Too long and too hard to read.

But funny nonetheless.

6:56 PM

Blogger Guin said...

In NL50 guys only seem to reraise with AA-QQ. So doing so with AK and following through with two bullets was probably the correct way to play it. Now if you got called on the turn would you have fired the rest of the stack on the river?

11:54 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Good question Guin.. I beleive I would have folded.. because I knew I was behind but I knew he though I was ahead.. if he got a case of the ohfuckitz then I was screwed anyways.

1:02 PM


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