Monday, November 20, 2006

Bits, Bites and a Little Slob

Things are running ok. Tilt levels are at level GREEN: No tilt on the horizon but you know it's coming soon. I have been basically playing dead even poker. I have had the stack as high as $509 and as low as $380 and is has settled in at $450. I am feeling that it will soon take a large jump. I am not sure what game this will be in but soon.

I took the plunge and played the MiamiDon BigGame. The guy who hates MTTs more than getting his teeth drilled actually did aight. He managed a huge suckout to avoid being bubble boy and rode that victory to a second place finish. He could have been a contender but got sucked out on in the end. Not a bad takedown for him anyways. I myself played a monster game. I went out 3rd. However I think I played exceptionally well. I stole a lot of blinds since everyone was being pussies tight. I swear I have never seen Iggy bend over so many times. I think this is how he plays when he is serious. I did run my rivered flush into Hoy's Quads. He was a shortie and I had him covered. I probably should not have even drawn to my flush but since I made the bother to do that I decided to make the iffy call. I was able to work my stack back up. I then had one of "those" hands. It was a hand where I decided to gamble. I was up against Surflexus and flopped top pair nut flush draw. He lead out with a $900 bet and I pushed him all in. He decided really quickly I did not have AK and made the call. My Ace-Ten with a flush draw against his AQ with no draw. Even though I lost I think that hand was just good poker. Two strong hands going up against each other and one hand winning. Good Job Surf. At least I outlasted CJ and Smokkee! WHEEEE!

I have been having some good success with the peeps so I am going to keep at it. I want to play the 75$/DS HE game that runs nightly. It has around 400 runners and seems like my kind of game. I for sure want to check it out. Thanks again to Don for the tip on this game.

My bread and butter has really been the SNG lately. I mix it up with 18's, 45's, and 90's. That is people not dollar amounts. I enjoy the fact that in the bigger ones you can pick up a few hundred bucks for very little risk. I suggest anyone trying to build a bankroll from peanuts to do this. Hell I started three weeks ago with $69 and so far so good.

I have been cheering the Ickster on in his quest to give Smokkee an aneurysm as he attempts to take down an ME and make Smokkee really crazy. He finally was able to satellite in by the skin of his ass this weekend and played the ME. He did really well. I initially thought he was playing weaker than he normally does but he informed me that he was more card dead than the Guinness and Poker blog.. whoops, bad analogy me thinks. A little more on that later. Late in the game we saw our favorite bad luck charm pop up in the chat. The Slob was on the loose! Now most people do not believe he is bad luck but I for one am SURE he is. If he is watching your game you are doomed.. and shortly afterwards the prophecy came true as Ick went out unable to make one of his patented Luckbox suckouts. Boo on you Slob!!!

Guinness and Poker is back from oblivion. He has just sold his soul to Corporate America or in this case Linda from His new spot as a shill for a paying site is starting out well as he posted an uber-duber post that would take a speed reader days to get through. Good luck you midget sellout!

Waffles in Vegas is a possibility. I promised the wife I would make at least 4K on the side in order to go to Vegas. I would then take 1K with me for the flight, food, and gambling and leave the rest for her to spend on useless stuff like food and electricity. The count stands now at around 2K so it looks possible. A lot of sidework possible this week. Wish me luck! Either that or I cash in one of those above mentioned MTTs and go to Vegas with some 2/5 playing stakes. Booyah!


Blogger slb159 said...

When the hell is Full Tilt gonna create a "hide from search" feature?

11:13 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I have been on sites with a hide from search feature and while I think they can be good I KNOW you will open every single table on the site until you find me!!!!!!

11:46 AM

Blogger TheCrocodile said...

Good playin with you again Waffles. You caught me in rare form at full RED TILT when you joined the game. I'm sure I'll see you around in the near future.

12:06 PM


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