Sunday, November 19, 2006

Video Blogging Experiment

It was an interesting experiment. I will probably keep it up even though I think my ranting loses a lot in Video media. It seems like people enjoyed it. The screen was smaller because I captured the desktop instead of the table.. because when tables switched I would lose the capture.. However in the future I will just start it back up. It does not work well so small I agree.

AshMC2 mentioned he liked me talking about myself in the 3rd person. I think Waffles HAS become his own person.. if I start drinking chicken blood start getting worried.

Sorry about the little one BloodyP.. Although I am sure you have taught him a lot worse. Please record him saying "Lucko is a Sucko" or some variation of that.

Good Luck at the tables.


Blogger Bloody P said...

It's alright, he learned "FUCKING TWO OUTER!" last night thanks to me, so you're out of the doghouse.

Keep on video blogging, it kicks ass.

4:37 PM


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