Saturday, December 30, 2006


That was quick.. Ok. I actually have not busted out.. but I lost like 400.. including some nice beautiful MTT and SNG loses that just sting the soul. Like when I have 112 peeps left in the 18K deepstack.. and I have 15K in chips looking for a good hand.. I look down and see KK.. I raise.. the other guy pushes his ENTIRE 15K stack all in.. and turns over JJ.. SWEET! I turn a flush draw to make my hand even stronger and of course lose to the river jack.. I would have been the chip leader and the way I play I have very little doubt that I could have made the final table.. I only lost 5 of 5 hands with AA and KK vs beauties like TJ diamonds.. and other assorted crap hands in that MTT.. 80% my ass. I am lucky if I win 1 in 5 of those.

Tonights 55$ SNG rocked too.. I double up my first hand and play alright through until 21 people are left.. 6 spots pay $148+, and first pays a cool grand.. I have 4K in chips.. and I raise 88.. The flop comes 723 which is the best flop possible. I commit most of my remaining chips and the big stack calls.. The turn comes a king and king seven is the winner.. Fucking Poker hates me... I cant believe how ever fucking donkey catches their miracle fucking turn card on me you cocksucking donkey fucking bitch whore. Go fuck your grandma's you inbred pieces of shit. I fucking hate you all.

So I lost some money.. I cashed around $250 out.. and I am back to a bankroll of $200.. Playing in the kiddie pool again. I just love poker.


Blogger T0mmy2T0ne said...

Well shit man, you could be on a major rush like me and just got through building yer buck 25 up to 37 bucks!

7:28 AM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

Shit, Waffles, I've reloaded 2x this month, $200 a crack, and down to $5.50 and a pair of $26 tokens. Fuck it. My year end total? $376 to the good. This after winning my first live Vega$ tourney, and crushing a couple of home games for 5x buy-ins...argh.

Guess it's a break-even hobby at best. Have a great '07.

10:50 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

Cool so I guess I will still get to play with you. Isn't that special?

11:06 AM


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