Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wonkah Dah Wankah

I promised this fucker I would send him a shoutout! That was before he took one of my favorite ladies out on the final table of the WWDN. You bastard! It was actually pretty comical if you were not she of the deep valleys. She makes a masterful play raising her Queens all in and da bitches go down to Wankahs KJo DONKEY hand! It was not even a SUPER DONKEY! I will say my girl has been playing like a pro and if she just stops getting screwed for doing the right thing I think she will be in great shape to take down something big soon. Keep up the good work! You outplayed the Wankah and he got extremely lucky.

I on the other hand played like a tool last night. I think my biggest error in judgment was when I pushed in on a guy with my two pair against his flopped T3c flush. I had a nice 12K stack with 40 peeps left in the 90-SNG and totally and royally screwed it up. Oh well. We do bad things sometimes. Even with that loss and losing a buyin in Razz AND HE I still was up ten bucks for the night. I will take it. The Razz bustout was actually comical too. I have a 4-to a 7-low draw on 4th street.. and my opponent is raising and pushing with a KQ and some other crappy high cards. I then proceed to make 3-low cards on the next three streets.. all being the same low cards as I already had. Thus for you Razz experts out there I was totally destroyed by a ten high. Owwwie.

Tonight is the Moookie. I am not sure which me will show up. I have actually been trying to balance total donkeyhood (I.E. Smokkee) and wayyyyyy too tight (I.E. Gary) to make something happen. I actually have a ton of respect for the way Smokkee plays MTTs and I want to add some LAGGYNESS to my game but I am not sure that style works for me. It may be that I am not destined to go deep in big field MTTs ever.. and should stick to middle-small pack games where I can dominate. It sure is uber fun being a donkey though!

The way of the Sucko is a hard path. I tried it out in the aforementioned 90-SNG early on. I called a small raise with TJo and in the midst of HUGE amounts of aggression on the flop I pushed and doubled up early with the nut straight on the turn. It allowed me to be top 3 the whole game. Steal a lot of blinds. It also would have allowed me to final table if I did not get too overaggressive with that last hand. Oh well. When you donkey you also need to know when to shut it down. I may play this way in a few more game to see if I can make it work for me or at least give some of the other donkeys more brain damage. See you tonight!


Blogger Wwonka said...

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4:25 PM

Blogger Wwonka said...

thanks for raggin on me but the play wasn't bad she reraised and I should fold for 900 more??? to the short stack.

if your going to criticize me stlast get your facts straight.

"wwonka: raises 1600 to 2400
CarmenSinCty: raises 913 to 3313 and is all-in."


4:43 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Oh I totally agree you had to call. Absolutely.. the bet was not bad either since it was HU and you had 2 big cards. I still hate you though! heh. Just kidding man.. poor Carmens been getting in with dominating hands and getting killed.

9:44 PM

Blogger smokkee said...


you have to make good decisions and sometimes gamble in MTT's to go deep. it doesn't hurt to get lucky when you make a bad read and suckout.

11:36 PM


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