Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Frustrating Night

Really sucked ass. I win a $75 token. I take 5th in the Mookie when I have a HUGE stack and Pocket Rockets and lose when SoxLover flops Quads! Second time this week I have run into Quad sixes. Perhaps I was wrong when I told Hoy that quad sixes do not happen often and a 3-part post about them is just not that interesting.

I could have taken first in the Mookie.. I was sucking out left and right. I took down Kat with TT vs KK.. and took out JoeSpeaker with TT vs JJ. It was a good hand for me tonight. I outplayed Slb and made a higher straight. Only one hand beat him and honestly he played the hand well. If he bets the flop or turn I most likely fold. I got Aces when NewInNov got a little cocky and told me to raise him. So I did. He fires back with a full push and of course I call.. his A6o does NOT hold up. I even busted Mookie and Stb on smallish suckouts. It just all went for basically nothing. Soxlover was playing a great game and he really deserves to win. In some ways it is good that I did not win because I really hated having to suckout hard on people. I normally think it should be the other way around. At least I outlasted both Smokkee and Sucko!!!

I then took most of my Mookie winnings and lost them playing Razz. I have a 7-low draw against a retard drawing to an eight. He catches a 3 and a 6 and his 6-low beats my 7. With the Razztards I play normally a fucking ten is good so losing to a 6 hurts.

I then decided tonight is not my night. I think I made 10-20 bucks profit. I swear being stuck in the 450-500 range sucks balls. I really am looking forward to a big jump. Tomorrow I will use my token to play a 75$/DS NLHE MTT. Hopefully I can do well in it.


Blogger FishyMcDonk said...

Dude, thought for sure you would go on to win. I really wanted to go further to see it all happen. Can't beleive my river flush lost to a flopped boat. A full house is better than a flush? Who knew?

9:27 AM


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