Thursday, December 07, 2006

Paid Review: Cardroom Supply, Inc.

The following is a paid review for

Cardroom Supply Inc.. Interesting review for me to tackle. Apparently my last post about how I probably was not going to get any more reviews was a bit pre-mature. So how do you go about reviewing a site you have never used?

First off I spent some time searching the intertubes trying to find out if anyone had posted any horror stories on the place. I was happy that I was unable to find any negative experiences with this retailer. I did find a few local forum reviews with overall positive experiences. In addition they have a top service rating with Yahoo! and accept PayPal as a purchasing method which will help if you have any disputes.

Prices seemed average for the site. I did not notice any "Fantastically" low prices but everything seemed in line with what you should pay. The fact that they handle the shipping for anything over $100 is an added bonus also.

I was fine with the interface and the use of Yahoo! for backend merchant processing. The layout made it a click away for me to find anything I needed. If I should so need something. It was clean and easy to get to. The selection could be larger since it is online but it was adequate for finding most anything you might want.

I have really only bought Poker books in my long and historic poker career and so I can not say I will suddenly go out and buy something from this site. If you are into hosting home games and the like it seems worth checking out. If they send me any free sample *hint* *hint* I would be glad to comment on the quality of the products they ship and in general about my experiences with the site. Until then all I can say is I could not find any reason to not use them.


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