Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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Rebuilding the roll for the umpteenth time I have been delving into SNGs. I think these are really the fastest way to build up a roll from scratch. I never really thought I would like 6-Max SNGs. I am not a short table player. I do not like two places paying. However I found them to be interesting.

Number Played: 4
Finishes: 1,1,2,5
ROI: 127%ish?

I dunno.. I have never been good at math. Anyway.. they seemed like pretty good games. I liked that they were quick. I liked that in one of them 3-people went out on the first hand. I liked the fact that first place in a 6-MAX pays just about the same as first place in a full table.

I like the fact that the second place I took was when I went all in A9 vs A5 HU. I have no idea what happened with the 5th place finish.. but I assume I will have some amount of out of the money finishes. I also like the fact that the blinds did not increase very fast but the monkeys thought they had to move quickly. I think people were patient in only one of these things. In that one I did a lot of stealing of blinds which was good because I lost a HUGE pot when my AT was creamed by 9To. Ouch. AT least the fucker was short. I was able to regain my dominant chip lead and bust that guy in second.

I have not given up on the multi-table SNGs. I think those are worthwhile also.. but I may play 3-4 6-MAX a night and then if I do well do a multi. See if I can keep a good run going. I was also told that the LHE SNGs were pretty sweet and I need to give those a shot. Guys like SNG Machine and Poker Enthusiast seem to do well with these so why not.

I actually had Fastpitch watching me the other night which was fun. It is always nice to get some feedback on how you played a game.


Blogger JL514 said...

holy double post batman

9:35 AM

Blogger theresa113 said...

SNGs are fun, especially when you are ADD. The micro limit HORSE SNGs on Pokerstars are a piece of cake. Good job with your results.

10:43 AM

Blogger Bloody P said...

I just posted about you having sex with Mike Tyson.

Sorry, secret's out.

8:16 PM

Blogger KGBlovesOreos said...

(I built the first 1k of my bankroll squarely through 6max SNGs on FTP from Jan-June, so I felt I had to comment on this.)

6max SNG's require better post-flop play. Players are much more loose and aggressive, so hand-reading skills come into major play as opposed to the 9max SNGs, where most of the play is done preflop.

I truly believe that 6max SNGs are ideal for the more skillful players, and with your 127% ROI, you may have found a new favorite game. ;)

12:38 PM


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