Friday, January 19, 2007

I may just..

I may just rant in Haiku forvermore.. like check this one out.

Michael Craig got canned,
Pokerworks has much better writers now,
So long you shit head

Actually ranting in Haiku has a great advantage. Like lets take the Weak Player hand. I could have written a Haiku about him and then he would not have had to get out his calculator and explained why he played so poorly.

Weak Player is bad,
He falls in love with top pair,
Curse my stinking luck

See.. then it is more obtuse and he would not make any comment except shut the fuck up Waffles.. or maybe he would come up with a great Haiku comeback!! BOOYAH!

I could use my powers for good..

Hire my Hottie Girl
Carmen needs a very good job,
She is also very smart

George is a tyrant,
He took away my poker fun,
Fuck you George W Bush

I wonder if I yell Haiku's at the screen if it will cause my luck to get any better.

You moronic fucktard,
Why would you call with that hand,
You are not winning

See how boring my blog becomes when I am not playing poker? pfft. I refuse to buyin again.. even if I could figure out how.. until I have enough to do it right. The year of the Waffles baby.

Netteller you suck,
So what if you are in jail,
I want to play poker

I actually think someone who is smart, has resources, and never wants to step foot in America again could open a pretty successful company catering to gamboolers. They could advertise their site and then direct you to the real site.

Pokerstars I dont know,
Why do you have to go dot com?
It seems very silly

I never understood that. They do commercials and HAVE to say NOT A GAMBLING site but then they can redirect you to one? Weird? How does that circumvent anything? What a fucked up set of laws that caused that to happen. Oh well.. catch you later..


Blogger katitude said...

Waffles, you never fail to crack me up :-)

I may use the "You moronic fucktard" haiku as my new mantra.

2:43 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Waffles is quite jealous
he wants to be a whore too
he's just not as good

2:45 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

whores are very common,
anyone can suck someones dick,
keep up the good work

3:17 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

You are so fucking adorable!!!!!

6:19 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

waffles can suck some dick
his life with flux proves that true
too bad flux is broke

9:25 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You wish it was you,
I know you have nasty dreams
Grow up you pervert

9:35 PM

Blogger Shelly said...

rofl the neteller one is classic. i cannot write in haiku, sorry.

8:16 AM

Blogger iamhoff said...

Nice to see everybody is maintaining a solid state of equilibrium.

9:39 AM


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