Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Interview with Consulting Company

I was talking to Veneno and telling her how much I hate consulting companies. I am interviewing with one tomorrow but I hate each one of them with a passion. My main issue is they usually charge over 150/hr for my services and give me 70. I have to fight and beg and scream for that as they look at me like I am crazy. However since I have a history of making that much they can not really say much. Now what exactly do they do to earn half the money or more? Search Monster.com? Know a person? Fucking very little.. as a matter of fact half these pea brains can not even figure out what a good fit is in a job. They find one word they like on your resume and suddenly you are "An Cognos Lead Architech" or some jackass thing like that when you basically used a language like C# or Visual Basic to incorporate a few Cognos reports someone else wrote into your application. I talked to one today and I swear I wanted to slap her silly with my cock and then bend her over and fuck her ass until she cried. Fucking stupid bitch. ARRRRGJHHHHH! Anyways.. the job hunt goes well.


Blogger Raveen said...

women....i always knew you were one...

5:06 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

hehehehehe - that was quite the graphic picture you just painted for me waffles.

8:30 AM

Blogger boss man said...

good luck on that :-)

11:21 AM


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