Thursday, February 01, 2007

I keep forgetting..

I guess I am on a roll today. Iggy does Uber Posts.. I do Uber number of posts. Did you all hear about what happened in Boston the other day? I am listening on the radio and highways are being shut down and trains stopped. Apparently someone as a publicity stunt for one of my favorite shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force placed fake "bombs" all over the city. Now when I initially heard about this I was thinking: What the fuck are these crazy idiots doing?!?!?! I mean planting something that looks like a bomb on bridges and in train stations!!!!! However I reconsidered when I saw the "Bombs"..

Now while I think the final Jihad might start with a fuck you and a cartoon charecter.. I actually can not even fathom a mayor that is so moronic or a police chief or anyone who would even call those light bright looking things "suspicious". I mean give me a break. Now the two guys who possibly had a slight lapse in good judgement might face 2-5 years in prison for terrorism? I think the mayor and all of the idiots in the city should face the electric chair for stupidity. At the very least they are all up for a Darwin award in my book.. at least I hope so..

I mean does this look like a smart man? There is a reason we call him Mayor Mumbles. He is a moron. Only reason he gets elected year after year is only inbread Southie people can vote for him or something like that.. I can understand if it was a black box with a small picture on it but this seems a little overboard to me.


Blogger PokahDave said...

Heh...mummbles Menino...nobody makes fun of him like Howie Carr. I'm glad I don't work in Boston...traffic must have been a joy...

11:03 AM

Blogger ceobombshell said...

What does Mummbles have to do with Southie??? He is from the Northend and he has nothing to do with the Bulgers. I am no sure why we re-elect him everytime. I am from Southie, it is mostly yuppie vill. I am sure some people in southie vote for him but its not because he is irish. I expect you to take that back in your next blog.

11:21 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hey are you really a ceo? Are you a chick? I am looking for a job.. and I dont mind being taken advantage of if your cute..

Ok wrong inbred side of town, I am sorry.. Boston is a funny place..

3:18 PM


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