Thursday, February 01, 2007

Waffles Invitational

I am thinking we need another weekly blogger game. I know Monday is with Hoy, Tuesday is WWDN, Wednesday is the Mooooooook, Thursday is with CC.. Some Sundays and WPBT and "The Big Game" with MiamiDon.. so Saturday seems free..

I was thinking of a new kind of event. The Waffles Invitational. By invite only. It would be a 2-table MTT. So it would not last too long. I would invite people by the following criteria.

1 - 14 players who I think are good competition. If your a push monkey donkey motherfucker this probably does not include you. I will swap people in and out of this list and may include some of the standout winners of the week.. I.E. If someone scores a final table at a big event, or wins back to back Mookies, or something like that.. Possibly the WPBT winner of the week. Mostly just people who I think play well.

2 - 2 Hotties. What the hell is a poker game without some lady luck? No Bobbie will never be invited at least in this category. I am sure there are plenty of hot female poker players who could fit this role.. otherwise I can leave it open for Love Elf and Carmen every week.

2 - 2 Donkeys. What the fuck is a poker game without dead money? I mean it is kind of fun to beat the best but you need some wildcards in there to make it fun. I hope these two spots constantly get the shit beaten out of them. If I invite you in one of these spots it is not because I liked you. It is because you have surpased all others in your ability to suck this week. You probably will feel honored.

So would anyone be interested? I have not figured out what buyin to use, how often to hold it, or anything like that. I think I know enough good players to fill the 14-spot roll every week.. probably be a few regulars and then some alternates. The Donkey spots will be hard to fill.. choosing just two is going to be a monumental task.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I was worried because you said that only good players could play. I'm thinking "well, that leaves me out" - but then you put the hottie clause in there and I was saved! I'm usually free on Saturdays so count me in baby!

9:30 AM

Blogger Schaubs said...

I would be honored with an invite, but I am not holding my breath. Saturday's would be good, but I would suggest an earlier start time... even around noon would work. Since I don't have boobies, I guess I'll have to earn my spot the 1st way... but I'd be willing to donk it up for a week if that meant getting an invite via option #3...

9:31 AM

Blogger katitude said...

Ahem. And pray tell, what category do I fall in?

Be careful how you answer...

9:55 AM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

Put me on the donkey list. I would prefer the highest buy-in possible.

9:58 AM

Blogger Ingoal said...

Well, sounds good unless the starting time would be something like 11pm ET ;)

Anyway...put me in the weak tight errrm donkey list :p

10:40 AM

Blogger L'artiste said...

Add at least one spot for a canadian in there. Seems fair.

10:57 AM

Blogger Gnome said...

I'd love to donate -- hell, that's what I do any time I enter blogger tourneys anyway.

12:39 PM

Blogger Astin said...

And then there was but 1 day of the week without a blogger tourney.

Count me in, I'm good for dead money once in awhile.

1:29 PM

Blogger jjok said...

No, I will not let you add me to the hottie quit asking.

But I will play if invited.

1:52 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

I won't ask what category you will put me in. Just send the invite, and I will be there.

2:32 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

You know I will play on Saturdays, and I think I might fit in any of the three categories so you can choose. You want me there just for the ranting possibilities anyways man.
But I can only play if it's Saturday night, late-ish. I'm not saying 11pm ET late or anything, just around the time of the other blogger tourneys and not too much earlier.

2:42 PM

Blogger katitude said...

Hoy my sweet, I've met you. And if I'm not getting into the Hottie category, neither are you *grin.

3:33 PM

Blogger frodaddy10 said...

I think the buy in should be for $5, open to everyone who wants to play, over a 6 week time frame. I think there should be no payouts for and the prize pool each week and it will carry over to the 7th and final week where the top nine point earners play a winner take all final table.

8:01 AM

Blogger FishyMcDonk said...

A hairy back and small junk are hot right? If so, I'm a lock for the hottie category.

11:47 AM


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