Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Feature: Top [x] Payback Time

A new feature of this here blog is going to be a pre-event who I am gunning for top [x] list. The top list will be more relevant towards the top and the bottom will probably be perennial favorites. I reserve the right to have as many or as few people as I want. So here goes..

Tournament: Riverchasers Tour Event #8
When: Thursday, April 19th, 9:00pm ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $10 1
Password: riverchasers8

The top ten people I want to get..

#1 - Poker "99 Is better In restaurants" Enthusiast: Calling an all in with 99 to show his worth of the number one spot. I have notes on you and your going down!
#2 - Iggy "The LuckSack" Dward: You have been such a lucksack bastard it is not even funny. You bust me from two tourneys in a row when I was ahead in both.
#3 - Jecci "Show me the Points" MD: It will be hard to get this guy since he folds and folds and then folds again so he can say "Hey I outlasted half the field and got points.. I am special". I will give it my best shot though. Some people can dodge Aces, he can fold them.. pre-flop!!!
#4 - The "Fat Ass" Fat Guy: He knocked me out of a tourney two weeks ago. While I have knocked him out of the past two it has been so much fun playing with him I am going to go for it again.
#5 - Smokkee "AJ is Golden" Donkerus: I am still annoyed that he goes from 1000 chips to 9000 chips in a hand with AJ when on the flop he is dead to 3 outs. Just boggles my mind. Good job Full Tilt you fucking retards! Work on that card generator a little more why dontcha?
#6 - Ick "This is what poker is really like?" karis: This guys been facing the realities of poker -- I.E. That he sucks. So I feel this is a great time to lay the smackdown on his ass as payback for those months of running so well. I have been ahead of him in the Special Olympics points for the past two weeks so I hope to continue the trend.

Ok.. that is all for now. See you all tonight!


Blogger jjok said...

dude, you can't count. I've said this like 948 times already.

You cannot count.

6 <> 10

Talk to your kids, maybe they can help

8:37 AM

Blogger katitude said...

I'm a tad miffed that I'm not actually on your list, coz I KNOW you're always aiming for my chips hoping to reclaim those long past days of me being you personal ATM.

9:05 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I gotta save some.. I did think about you though..

9:59 AM

Blogger CJ said...

Good news, Waffles.. I'm making a triumphant return to online poker and you can expect to see me in the BooB events. You want to put me on your list now or wait until I suck out on you?

10:00 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Winner of "most likely to go all 'Virginia Tech' at a blogger gathering?"


10:04 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...

This New Feature seems like a contest to earn one of the remaining 4 spots.

11:08 AM

Blogger Ignatious said...

the only reason i'm playing these damn things is to tilt you.

it's like fishing with dynamite.

11:22 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Duggles: I dunno man.. I think the people who go postal are the ones who keep it all in.. But I am keeping my lists just in case..

12:13 PM

Blogger oossuuu754 said...

I am pissd as well not being on the list, especially since I knock you off QQ with JJ the very first time we played and then went on to Final Table and take 2nd with some of the chips you gave me

12:14 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Unfortunately Os, i have only seen you that one time.

12:51 PM

Blogger StB said...

Wow! Seeing the Luckbox suck out on Waffles will result in a monumental rant.

I cannot wait.

1:49 PM

Blogger TripJax said...

No love.

1:56 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Wow, CJ comes out of retirement right here in the tiltmonkey's comments section. That is some cache right there.

Remember Waffles, I am Mr. Tighty tonight at Riverchasers. I make the points tonight or I have absolutely no poker skills at all. Period. If I have to fold big pockets to you along the way, then so be it.

2:31 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

I'm glad I'm not on the list. Whew.

Did you see how I kicked ASS in the Mookie?

(and got lucky, yes) :)

5:57 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Actually, yes, you did see it, given that you stopped by and left a comment for the first time in 376 years.


5:59 PM

Blogger Scott said...

Sorry, bud, but I was doing grandson duty. Much more important than you degenerates ;-)

Next time, bia-bia.

8:19 PM


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