Friday, April 20, 2007

Blame Smokkee

You all can blame Smokkee for how insufferable I am going to be for the next few days. Man did I have a ton of fun. Winning was good.. but collecting bounties, outlasting the doubters and the haters, and playing HU with Smokkee rules!

Al update that damn leader board so I can crack the top ten! I am waiting!!!

I like playing guys like Smokkee. Since they are super aggro donkeys it makes it easy. Ha! Just kidding. I actually used to think Smokkee was one of the biggest donkeys around but I have changed my view. I respect him as a player and I enjoy the challenge of taking on one of the better MTT players I know. Being able to gloat a little helps too!!! Blew a 100K lead Smokkee.. no way you ever live that one down!

I think if there were not people like Smokkee, Lucko, and Hoy I would never have been at all interested in making my MTT game better. Even MiamiDon has been a great help as I have seen him donkeyfieing his MTT game and having a lot of success.

I have a long ways to go. I used to sit around and wonder why my little stacks got cracked after folding for six hours. I now take a more aggressive approach and make sure I can gain chips no matter what. If you want to bust me you will have to risk a good portion of your stack. It gives me a greater edge than pushing as a small stack. I still have to add EVEN MORE aggression to my MTT game and since that does not come natural it will take some time.

Speaking of aggression I think I only really made one mistake during the whole MTT and I am actually not sure it was a mistake. I actually think I would do it again. Three of us are left. I raised Smokee's blinds 4800. He had 22K behind and I had 75K. I had KQc. He open shoves and I call. He turns over JJ and while I improve his set of Jacks wins the day for him and we are tied. My thinking here is that I have a chance to take out a tough player and gain most of the chips in play. My hand is probably behind but only about 4-hands that is is WAYYY behind and the rest are 60/40 flips. Any comments on this hand?

I thank everyone for coming by and congratulating me. I hope to force you to do this more in the future. I even got a nice call at 1AM from Weak, Don and Scott, as they crushed the Texas games, sending me their well wishes. It means a lot to have so many people who support my game and encourage me to experiment and become a better player all the time. I could name dozens of other people who rooted me on in the girlie chat last night but they know who they are and they know they are the fuel that keeps the Waffle cooking. Ok now that was Ghey AND corny!

The next fun event on the agenda is probably Katitudes $1 rebuy tonight. It starts at 9PM EST and features many, many, many rebuys. I ended up on the bubble last week and hope to do better this week.

As for bankroll building I am continuing to play 1/2 RAZZ. I am having fun playing it.. killing the game for the moment to the tune of 12BB/100 and hopefully can keep up a good streak. I will start 2/4 Razz at $1200 which will be double my current bankroll. One nice little score in an MTT here or there and I may hit those 8/16 tables a little quicker than I thought. Until next time.


Blogger StB said...

Well done!

11:50 AM

Blogger BigPirate said...

Nice job!

12:24 PM

Blogger TripJax said...

i don't like aggro wawfuls. i want my meek, folding wawfuls when i end up at the same table.

"evil aggro demons, be gone from thine body!"

12:28 PM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

You da man - but you dont need me to tell you that.

2:24 PM

Blogger Mike said...

Congrats, from one donkey to another.

2:37 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Congrats on winning the Riverchasers. I do think your game has improved quite a bit in the last few weeks. Keep it up. And I like your play with KQ. Smokee is major aggro and could have a wide range of hands there. You still had a coin flip with JJ and could afford it at that point. Plus any chance you get to pitch Smokee I'm all for it, as he's tough.

4:21 PM

Blogger Ingo said...

Wow...nice :-)

Congrats Waffles!

4:28 PM

Blogger Raveen said...

congrads on the win you donkey...keep it up

7:21 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

we all know u slipped on a banana peel. take a pic and frame it. cuz it's not gonna happen again.

well played

2:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Even MiamiDon has been a great help as I have seen him donkeyfieing his MTT game and having a lot of success."

Miami Don is a self-proclaimed cash game player, but after consistently losing at that endeavor for no reason other than his own lack of ability, it's good to see he's found something he can excel at.

7:34 AM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

congrats you donkey.

8:12 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Ride the wave.

6:50 AM


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