Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What Coulda Been..

Ever have one of those nights where your left thinking what could have been.. no I am not talking about IF that fucking little retard missed his flush draw. I am over that. I have come to realize that he just could not cut it as a pro because he has no poker skills and I have forgiven him.

Last night I got to deal with another fucktard. The MTT player fucktard. I look down to see my pretty little Aces. I have a nice $65 stack build up from grinding away for an hour or two. MTT-Tard raises in the EP. I re-raise him. He re-re-raises me and I push. I expect the fucker to turn over kings and am overjoyed to see AK. Until the flop comes QT.. and the river comes.. JACK ASS! Motherfucking tourney playing bastard took half my stack. Thank god he had the brains of a Llama and only bought in for half. SO I spend the next hour grinding back up to $65 and end the night. If that retard did not get lucky then.. well.. what coulda been..


Blogger bayne_s said...

Do you offer Anger Managment seminars so I can learn to rant as well as you do?

I get pissed when something improbable happens like KK gets cracked twice by lesser suited one gappers in span of 8 hands or some lucksack cracks my QQ with JJ but by the time I update my blog I can not achieve your rant level.

2:49 PM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

lol...bayne is still on tilt...that is AWESOME. I will be looking to crack his overpairs until the end of time.

as for are a peptic ulcer away from a permanent hiatus.

I worry about you.

11:01 PM


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