Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little Somefin' Somefin'

I found Jordon Junior today. He was so cute. I decided to play some 100/NL cash.. why? I dunno. I felt like it. So anyway.. I got about 8 pockets in twenty minutes. Jr bet out his 9's and I cold called. He then pushed his stack in on the turn.. and I made the call. He was a shortie but it was nice.

I lay down QQ on a T56 board. Possibly I was too weak in that hand but I felt he had me beat for some reason..

I called a river bluff with JJ on an all small card board. Actually I had a boat on a 44436 board. If he had the nut 4 or Aces/Kings then he outplayed me. I had no sense this guy had me beat and so I called his HUGE river bluff.. and his AQ was no good Ace high. Oops. I also called off some chips with 55 on a 366 board.. the guy never bet after his initial c-bet and I took down a small pot vs AQ again..

All in all feeling good about a 3/4 buyin' victory. Finishing out the night with a little work and a turbo SNG.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Did Jordan Jr. school you in poker as much as Jordan Sr? He probably won the hand with 99 but you've changed the details to look better. Woffles recaps are the best!

Speaking of Woffle recaps, I played a Woffle hand yesterday. I pushed all-in and was called by a pirate and an alien from Mars! I was so awesome that I had a full house, but they sucked out on me when they both hit quad dueces on the river. I can't believe they didn't call my 1$ bet into the $1200 pot. What donkeys!

7:29 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Seems about you level of understanding of Poker Jordon. Just reading your comments has made me dumber.

11:14 AM


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