Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekends Suck

Carmen has another fashion at the WSOP article. She did not judge the giant orange.. if I was in the WSOP of course I would win best dressed. You fuckers don't know muscles when you see them! Sheesh.

The weekends for some reason or other are fucked up at Full Tilt. After going like 7-10 with mostly first place wins I went 2-6 with both being third. Massive suckouts. This Sunday I am 1 for 1 so far with a second. Hopefully I can get back to form.

Why no good Media on Media prop bets reported so far? I wanna bet Pauly that he would not cover a full day of the WSOP in a Dress. Just think of the stories you could get other people to tell you once they found out it was a prop bet. Haha! Ok. I got nothing. Peace.

Oh yeah almost forgot.. My days of Waffle's porn are over. We are getting our new au pair in for the summer to take care of the kiddies. While I hope au pair means "I like to swallow gallons of American sperm".. I kinda think it might not.. so I will have to be good for a little while. Oh well.


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