Monday, June 18, 2007

Two Donkey Sunday

So I went to see Shrek III this weekend. Liked it a lot. I thought it was much better than Shrek II. I was rolling in my seat at times and while the plot was a little weak it was a fun movie and kept me interested throughout.

What the hell is up with going out these days though. I swear I may turn communist. I mean I like the capitalistic environment we live in for the most part.. but it cost like eighty bucks for a family of four to see one stupid hour and a half long movie. Once you finish with the popcorn, drinks, candy, and any other assorted food. It is insane. I mean it is a fucking kernel of corn. How the hell can it cost 3.50 for a bag? I can not even imagine being poor in this day and age. It is so hard just being middle class that I can not even fathom what lower income people deal with. Crazy. Do not even get me started with Baseball either..

After seeing the Donkey from Shrek I railed Fuel in his Donkelishish quest for a WSOP entry. Well the LAGtard finally made it and nine hours later with me begging the game to be over our boy is going to the WSOP. Hopefully he will get Laggalishishy lucky once again and score some good coin at this thing. Good luck man!

While he was playing the WSOP qualifier I was getting some of my grove back taking a couple of seconds in 6.60's and going 7 for 8 in HU play. I just rocked the HU play last night. The one game I lost I made a very bad call on. A guy slow played kings and I over called with top pair. Oh well. He was a losing retard anyways.

One nice call I think I made was on a KT9xx board. The flop came K9x. Dude bets out. I cold call. Turn T. He bets big. I cold call. He jams his entire stack in on the river. I cold call. On the face of it having a nine here is just bad play right? I mean I had 3rd pair facing a ton of aggression. However I really felt his betting was out of line. It made no sense at all. So I made the calls for my entire stack on the fourth hand of the game.. and.. he had pocket 4's.. I finished him up 3 hands later. I love making great reads.


Blogger lj said...

waffles, game on! keep posting bout your hu play so i can continue filing away notes for our upcoming games.

couldn't agree more on movies, it's insane. i usually buy some candy and a vitamin water from the bodega and stuff them in my large purse. yes, i'm the cheapest lawyer you know. but six bucks for ten sour patch kids just kills me!

10:37 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Yeah, I'm going to see Ocean's 13 with the guy that only bets 17. I'll make him pay for sure. Movies are way too expensive.

I hope you kill blinky in the HU match. Shouldn't be hard sweety :)

9:08 PM


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