Tuesday, June 19, 2007


When you go deep and come really close the next day is always bitter sweet. You can really fuck with yourself trying to second guess the hand that took you out. I think in hindesite the hand could be played either way. You could fold and hope to catch a good hand later AND hope it holds up.. you could wait and try to steal Chads blind (probably dangerous).. or you could go with your read and take the coinflip to get the chips to go a bit deeper. I really can not fault my play here. If the cards were face up and I have an M of 4ish and see his K7 I make this play. Sure I could have waited and jammed someone from position and possibly this is the right move. Who knows. See analysis is a total mind fuck.

I possibly overreacted to Chad chanting k!k!k!k! too.. if he was rooting against me then that is classless. I am more than happy to hear someone rip my play if they think I did something wrong.. and god knows I will tell you if I think you played badly.. but I am also the first guy there to cheer my fellow bloggers on when they go deep. I have railed and cheered on my cyber compatriots in numerous games and I think doing anything else is retarded. If I misunderstood what you were saying then I apologize Chad else your an asshole. Either way is good.

I am also thinking the real secret to a win is a GREAT music track. I won one of my biggest hands when BuddyDonk radio (WGHEY) was playing that "Im gonna knock you out" song.. I was singing along pointing to the Donk I wanted to knock out and two hands later I flop the nut flush with a sf backup draw against his overpair of queens. I play it perfectly (I guess) and he gives me over 6K in chips. Music baby! That is the secret!!

Here is what I do not understand what the fuck is Smokkee doing talking smack to me? I mean I did not see you there? Hello? Did you not bomb out WAY the fuck earlier? In all honestly you probably bombed out because you have lost your nerve. I mean I read your post today and I was like "Is that Smokkee?"..

for instance, in the MATH i pick up QQ in the cutoff. blinds are 100/200 and i'm sitting on 4k in chips. NewinNov minraises UTG. this usually screams monster. but, in blonkaments u just never know. i call, BB calls. flop comes Ace high and all hell breaks lose. obv, i fold. Nov had AQsooted and i woulda lost a bunch of chips.

I mean your fucking joking right? This is like April fools early? You would be upset at getting all your chips in pre-flop against AQ???!?!?! With QQ? If your going to play scared like that you probably should just nut peddle the cash games..

i feel like i'm playing well. maybe a bit on the conservative side sometimes.

Dude in all honesty and as someone who really likes you I do think your playing WAYYYY too conservatively from what I have seen. I even saw you limp Jacks because "I did not want to make the pot too big pre-flop"... Why don't you just limp Aces and lay them down to pressure on a J72 rainbow flop because "Someone might have hit a set"...

We all get caught up in the mind fuck of what could have been and what might be but in the end you have to play your hands hard as well as smart and let the cards fall. If you expect to lose you will.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Hi hottie!!!!!!!

Your the best!!

When you coming back to Vegas??? Win a seat and come out here with Fuel and then I'll rail you and put you on the best dressed list.

10:53 AM

Blogger AlCantHang said...

"I really can not fault my play here.

I'm having trouble finding anywhere in your archives where you EVER found fault in your play. Still amazed that you and Phil Gordon don't have WSoP bracelets.

11:27 AM

Blogger cmitch said...

I am eagerly awaiting smokkee's repsonse....



11:43 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

i have lost soooo many races over the last coupla months that i don't like getting a bunch of my chips in with the 3rd or 4th best starting hand preflop committing me to the pot.

just ask Hoy how much he likes QQ.

it' a freakin busto hand. also, the way Nov minraised UTG smelled like it might be a monster. i see this a lot in MTT's. guys will minraise preflop UTG with KK or AA.

btw, i lost half my stack in the 50/50 when i flopped a set of 5's against sum clown who caught a runner/runner straight. luckily, i didn't go busto on that hand. as i'm sure you would have.

11:59 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

"Luckily, i didn't go busto on that hand. as i'm sure you would have."

That's it? Cmon! Gimme some fire! Light that spark up! Where is Smokkee!! What have you done with him! I sort of miss him.

12:15 PM

Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...


1:51 PM

Blogger Astin said...

"I sort of miss him."

HA! Love the "sort of".

8:44 AM


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