Monday, August 20, 2007

Plans for the Week

Did I mention I got some kitties? No? Hmmm... I am not being a good blogger. I used to ruin your workplace productivity at an alarming rate.. I promise to try harder. Our kitties are 4mo and 4yr pair of females. The kids love them and are at the same time sometimes scared of them. They have sharp claws. They never scratch on purpose but sometimes accidents do happen..

I had this conversation with my wife this weekend.

Me: I am thinking of entering a bacon contest.
Her: A Bacon contest?
Me: Ya, I can win free bacon of the month for a year.
Her: Why would you want to win bacon?
Me: It's bacon!
Her: Who is the bacon from?
Me: It is bacon.. who cares..
Her: It is probably from some people who make cat food.
Me: So? It is BACON!!!!

She still does not get it.. I think women really are from Uranus.. oh wait, Venus right.. ya, thats it.. I need more sleep.. when I start fantasizing about kissing the neck of the chick in front of me I am wayy too tired..

It leads to other weird ass trains of though like for instances where do all these porno chicks come from? I mean you can log on to the internet every night and surf for ten hours and never see the same chick again.. What percentage of Americans have done a porno? Does anyone have that statistic? I mean does that show that someone I know has done a porno but I do not know about it? Kat? Jewels? IG? Carmen? LJ? YoYo? Is there something you want to tell me? I mean I could not imagine any of these fine ladies doing something like that.. is it all young California wanna be stars? Where do all these women come from?? Why did I never meet them when I was single.. Ok now that I have probably pissed off every female I even remotely know.. See lack of sleep is dangerous..

The plans for the week. I am going to hit up the Hoy tonight. I have been owning that bitch this year especially if you factor in that I hardly ever play it. I think I should keep playing the things I am doing well in. So following that line of thought I am BOYCOTTING the Mookie this week. Fuck that bitch. I am going to play something else during the time the Mookie is running. Hopefully this will make her jealous and I will win next week.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Yeah, boycott the mookie - she'll get jealous and wonder what she did wrong and she'll coming running back to you.

Um - porno - well - let's see. I've never been in a porno for money where there were people with cameras and lighting etc. I have been in a little film with a boyfriend and he kept the tape. I always wonder if someday that little amateur thing will be out on the internet. Let me know if you find it.

10:35 AM


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