Saturday, September 01, 2007

I think I caught Stupid from Blinders

Before I get to the title.. My vote for AlCantHang bacon winner is Mary hands down. I mean this gives all new meaning to debauchery.. fucking your chick while eating the fried bacon off her body.. WOW! Gimme some bacon!!!

Ok.. So anyway.. I am back to almost broke which is cool.. I am currently crushing the 2$ HU n000bs.. heh. At least it is fun. Since I caught the stupid bug from Blinders let me ask this question: When is Poker actually ever profitable?

Now this could mean a lot of different things to a lot of people but what level do you need to play to make any kind of meaningful money... I know some of you work at S-Mart.. Shop Smart.. Shop S-Mart! But.. If you have a decent job then when does this poker thing become profitable. I mean we say that making 5/bb hr is pretty good in poker right? SO at 1/2 NL your talking 10 bucks an hour? Did I do the math wrong? 2/4 jump way up to 20/hr.. umm.. hello.. am I still a fucking n00b who just graduated college? Do I really care to make entry level money.. So to make any real money are we jumping up to like the 10/20 game?

Ok.. Now we are talking some good money.. I can live on 80/hr.. but is my expected win rate going to be 5bb/hr at higher levels? Is it just as 'tarded as the low levels? I am pretty sure it is not. MOST decent players probably will never be able to play this high.. so is it worth playing poker for monetary reasons if you actually have a good job? Seems kind of stupid.

So what is a good reason to play if building a bankroll is never going to be a hugely profitable endeavored? Hit the lotto in a big tourney? Fun? Meet people? Suckout on the river? Hmmm.. Maybe Veneno has it right after all...


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

If the money is meaningful to you, then it is nearly impossible to play the way you need to play to win.

Either you have to play for meaningless amounts, or you have to be able to fool yourself into feeling that way.

2:59 PM

Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Only correction. On PT's BB/HR or BB/100, the BB stands for big bet which is the term for limit hold'em. So in other words, in 2-4NL, even though it's NL, the BB is considered $8. So, 5 BB/Hr would be $40/hr. Still not a big amount but if you can play solid at 5-10NL, it's $100/hr (assuming solid = 5BB/hr).

8:48 PM


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