Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In Todays News..

A man died in an Internet cafe after a three day bender of playing video games. Fucking amatures. Jesus.. I have had bankroll busting sessions longer than that.. chasing the loses. This is just an example of Darwin in action. Weeding out the weak players from the strong. Sorry dude. Game over.

Annette Obrestad has gone where no man, or woman, has gone before. Up my asshole? No wait. That is a different story.. anyways.. I think a big titty slut like Brandi Hawbaker winning the WSOPE would be much better for poker. It would bring more big titty sluts to the table. How dare this average looking genius of a kid poker player win. All kidding aside good job!

Speaking of big titties since I am on the subject it is a wonderful 64 degrees here today and all the young sluts in training have removed their clothing and made my commute very enjoyable. Thank you all so very much. I would like to love each and every one of you.. err.. I mean, well you know..

I did play a little poker last night.. going 2-2... one of the games was brutal. I had to leave and so I wanted to finish it up quick.. So I started jamming. I got all my money in with A3o and was called by T5h. I lost. It brings up and interesting fact though: Aggressive play in HU is NOT the way to go. At least in my opinion I can get my money in as a MUCH better favorite than 66%.. and I want to win more than 2-1 to make HU profitable.. I really need to win 5 or 6-1 if possible... to be wildly profitable.. Ok, technically winning 2-1 is profitable but you can do so much better. I much prefer to play post flop and get my opponent drawing to very few outs. While this does not guarantee a victory it gives me a much better chance to hit my goal of 6-1.

For tonight it is work, work, work, work.. blah.


Blogger ckbluffer said...

Apparently, I will be cleared to fill up the online roll in a few days . . .

11:59 AM

Blogger Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

You are a Tool.

Back to the Au Pair!


7:46 AM


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