Friday, September 21, 2007

SNGs and Black People

First off still cranking away at the Feurg. Actually this is kind of fun.. I remember when I first started playing poker and was a little more bankroll stable.. I used to enjoy mentioning the "Next" big level of LHE I was going to play.. So pretty soon I will be announcing the FIVE DOLLAH level of SNGs! WOW! I am a big boy now.

I cranked through a 9-peep SNG last night as well as a HU match and went 2-0 with a first place finish in the SNG.. So I should hit the 100-mark pretty soon. The SNG was funny. I was a little tired so on an early hand I see a board of K447 and I am holding KQ. The board had 3-diamonds so I am like whatever lets just push.. and I jam and the slow played flush calls... and the river is........... a King! Yes!!!! You really have to make stupid moves to be lucky.

From that point on I held first place throughout the whole game. I did not lose a coin flip and I won my share of dog races.. like the guy who on the bubble kept jamming all in pre-flop when I limped in the blinds.. I have 7K in chips to his 2K. So I limp my KT and call his jam. He happens to have A6.. and I win.. But if your going to jam every time I limp you have to expect me to call and if you get unlucky your out.

I went HU in the SNG with a 11K-1K lead and first hand I call an all in with T7 and this time I am ahead of 96 and win the game.

On to the blacks. Is that a racist term? I dunno. I will state right now I am not a racist person.. I hate everyone equally and you can all go fuck yourselves. Now to continue.. What is up with this Jenna-6 thing? I totally agree that the prosecutors went for charges that were ridiculous and the white kids should have been more severely punished for what they did but calling to free people who beat a kid until he was unconscious? I am all for a fair punishment but just saying "Awww, let's free these poor kids" is mind boggling. I get the whole American law system is unfair thing. I totally agree. We need to change that. Letting scumbags who would beat a kid UNCONSCIOUS though seems to be setting a dangerous precedence. So does that make me a whitey hater? Oh well. I can live with that.

While were on the subject I saw an idiot on the train in Boston with a Free Juice sign. WTF! This guy has.. let's be nice about it.. "Anger Management" problems.. He just has no impulse control.. I should know. I am an expert. I just do not get rallying behind people like this. Why don't you rally behind some good roll models or something? I dunno..

Anyway.. on tonights schedule I think I might play the Katitude Donkeyment at 9. Password: I dunno go to her site and get it. Jesus you people can do nothing for yourselves. I think it might be fun.. but I am only playing if Kat is there. It just is not the same without a leather dressing biker chick.


Blogger Kat said...

Oh I'll be there.

And I'll wear the leather corset just for you darlin' *grin.

10:07 AM

Blogger StB said...

You should check out the Jason Whitlock article on the case (sorry no link). He makes some good points such as the noose incident isn't related to this case.

Still any 6 on 1 attack should be punished just for the sheer cowardice of the act.

10:58 AM

Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Yeah, I'm sure the white kid deserved to get his ass beat, but if you beat someone's ass you should be willing to face the consequences.

There is something to be said for your "I hate everyone equally, therefore I am not a racist."

See you at the donkament!

12:00 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I think I'm going to go home and play in kat's tourney tonight! See ya there baby!

2:01 PM


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