Friday, November 02, 2007

JackAce Dooom

I did g000t in Riverchasers last night.. only losing seventy cents! Woot! What the fuck is up with Full Tilt anyways? How do you make a payout that actually loses you money? I would rather see 12 spots pay and make a dollah hollah instead of 18 and lose seventy cents.. Of course I would rather win the whole fucking thing but that is another story.

Nothing of note really.. Pulled a huge bluff on TripJax once. I was fucking with him and told him I was going to bluff him during this round. Stole Gary's Blinds. Busted him with K8 and felt a little sorry.. He was short and jammed 33 against me after I raised his blind for the thousandth time.. I rivered a straight.

As the blinds got monstrous I tried a little bit of stealing. The idea my friends like Sucko, MiamiDonk and DonkingAces use are basically high aggression towards the end with position. Obviously there is so much more to it than that and I do a disservice describing it that way. I am on the fence on how this approach works in Donkeyments. While I agree that this sounds good in theory let me mention a few hands from last night..

I am in early position with KQ s000ted. I decided since I had not played a hand in a while to raise and see what happens. So I raise and the seat next to me calls. The flop comes Kxx.. and I am sure he has no king... or pretty sure.. I am pretty positive he does not have AK... So I check-jam his ass all in and he calls.. with KQ... So if the idea is that by jamming you get fold equity in these Blogger games errrrr....

The hand I got knocked out on was funny too. I jammed in and got called by the JackAce. Actually the Asian beauty was not in the hand but her favorite two cards were. Instant call. 60% Dog. Flop gives a six. 75% Favorite. Turn is an Ace. Dooomed. River no help. Albeit I had Q6.. but again, these donkey games have no fold equity at all.. I think in some ways your better off just getting blinded out or waiting for ACES like some people. Still mulling things over. I guess that I do not totally agree with that last statement. I think you need to pick who you try to get fold equity from. Some people will never fold anything. Other people are more reasonable. It is a hard line to figure out.

It was fun playing with everyone though. Riverchasers continues to be one of my best games. I must just be trying to impress my new friend Evy. I made a decision in Riverchasers that the players were so bad it was wrong to bluff. So I never bluff early. I hardly raise. I see a lot of flops. I chip up hard because of people who can not fold post flop. Seems simple.

Weekend is probably going to be small MTT and/or SNG games. If you have not seen yet Full Tilt has a special SNG Frenzy going on. I played two SNGs in the past two days not as part of this challenge and took 3rd and 2nd for a whopping 8 bucks profit.. Oh well pays for the next one..

See you on the tables.


Blogger jusdealem said...

GL with the sng frenzy thing.

Sorry, you've been tagged. :)

9:52 AM

Blogger ckbluffer said...

Can you just start calling it the Asian Jew? Makes me sound like a mean person or something.

I r not mean.

Evil, yes.

Mean, no.

10:17 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I'm at work and I'm so bored. Just thought I'd tell you that. It was nice sitting next to you last night even though you went all in. that was mean! ha ha

3:10 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. sorry kid. its a sign of respect though.

3:28 PM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

I'm disappointed my 62 sooted didn't even get a mention.

4:32 PM

Blogger golden said...

It was fun playing at your table during rvchasers. You've been discussed on other blogs recently about your good play in this new series, and your high finishes.

I now know your secret. However I won't share your secret so your donkyish play can remain anonymous.

Please consider changing to the donkey avatar and join your donkey brothers and sisters who are already sporting the confused donkey look.

5:33 PM

Blogger KajaPoker said...


9:51 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

thx for the heads up. i'll probably give that sng frenzy crap a go. i don't have much on FTP and need to build a BR there.

11:42 AM


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