Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No More Prop Bets

I have decided to give these up as I think death, natural disaster, pregnancy, the end of the world, or intelligent koala bears becoming the dominate life form might occur. I still will be placing my bets on GB and the Super Chargers on Friday. I am currently accepting bribes of $40 or more to not bet on these games. Please deposit to Full Tilt (SirFWALGMan) before Friday if you wish to remove the cooler factor.

I have my "Skillz" game post up on Brick to my Nutz or whatever that new blog is. It is worth checking out. Jordon is my guest target of the day. Thank you for participating.

The Bodog game, AKA Smokkee Sucks Bodogs Crank, last night was just really boring. I think I was just not in the right frame of mind. Two tabling between Full Tilt and Bodog is hard and I do much better with some Naruto or One Piece running while playing. It keeps me distracted enough to not make big mistakes and patient enough to get deep.

I did however clean out the Omatard tables again for 1.5 buyins. So this makes like 5-6 buyins up in the last few days. I even played horribly last night at one point going from 1.5 up to .5 down back to 1.5 up. It was pretty funny. I made some sick calls but the six max is pretty easy at this level. At least it has been a lot of fun.

Tonight we will be trying to dodge Pushmoney27's retarded play in The Mookie! Check out his site for details.

Thursday is Riverfuckers brought to you by Riggstad and AlCantHang. Check out Al's site for details. A more drunken retarded group has never been brought together on a Thursday night.

Friday is the KORD - King of Razz Donks and Katitudes donkeyment. A fun as hell pushmonkey fest that even I do not rant about.

Is it me or does everyone and there fucking dog have a tourney now?


Blogger OhCaptain said...

As of right now, I have not started my own tournament. Would you like me to let you know when I do?

10:38 AM


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