Friday, February 22, 2008

For my Beloved Hoyazo

Honestly he has not done anything recently but with his new found popularity, and several people singing his praises, I felt the need to remind the world he is an asshole. In general and without going into any specifics he was invited to a Blogger event. He attended. Pretended to be buddy buddy with everyone and all that shit. He gets back and one second later he is posting all these rude posts about people. Calling people names, publishing anything embarrassing that might have happened to anyone and just totally missing the whole point of what I think this community means. I do not blame him for not getting it but I think it takes a low scumbag of a person to do something like that. A weasel if you will. I have heard other rumors about him doing this over and over again but can not vouch for the validity of any of them. So forever more he is a scumbag to me. I do not blame the Goat at all for sucking his fiddle, if you will, for a hundred bucks and he probably has done nothing to deserve the Goat's hatred. I tend to be a pretty forgiving person in general as I usually get my vitriol out and move on but there are some people I do not care to ever associate with. So that is why I personally hate the guy.

*** EDIT:I am talking about Michael Craig not Hoyazo. Just in case there is any confusion. My I hate Hoyazo post will come later.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I understand you feel like he shit on a friend of yours, and I admire your absolute loyalty to your friend.

But you are just plain wrong here, period.

11:44 AM

Blogger TripJax said...

I totally thought you were writing about Hoy until I just saw the edit.


I don't know enough about any of this to have an opinion.

12:58 PM

Blogger Wes said...

I'm going to show up to the next blogger event just so Michael Craig can chronicle my awesomeness, or maybe some would say lack there of.

9:25 PM


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