Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sorry No Posting

Sorry been pissed off to no end. I got all tilty this weekend from a few loses so I put a chunk of my roll on the table. 200HU and $69 tourney that god decided to punish me in. I won the 200/HU NLHE SNG again making my record 4-0 vs 200 NLHE HU SNG Donks. Really good value in those games. I also cashed in 28th or so place thanks to super fucking donk when I could have possibly gotten much higher. Having a top ten stack with thirty left I have no doubt I could have squeezed down to fifteen at worst.

My shit had corn in it this morning. What is so magical about corn that it can not be digested? I mean seeing chunks of it come back out just makes me hungry again. See I have nothing.

I have no aim right now. I am aimless. See you at the Skillz tonight I guess.


Blogger Bloody P said...

Lettuce here -

Um...ever have a SALAD? No, I've seen you topless.

Ever had a TACO???

Yeah, we come out the same way in your shit as corn.

Don't forget to vote lettuce!!!

8:02 PM


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