Thursday, February 21, 2008

Interesting Night

I had a weird time at cash the other night and thought I would write my experiences and get some feedback. I did see Skiddoo lose a little money with 55. Fuels hand. Fools gold baby.

Anyway I was pretty frustrated last night as I kept running into sets with good strong top pairs. I obviously overplayed them in my MTTs but still frustrating.

So I sit at a 50/NL table and lose a few small hand. I then type to the table "*TILT* I HAVE HAD IT! I AM ON SUPER MEGA TILT! I AM JAMMING THE NEXT HAND". So the next hand comes and it is a nice 25o and I jam my entire stack in and the table folds. So I am chuckling a little. So I say "In four hands I am jamming my whole stack in!". So I wait four hands and see 63o. I announce to the table it is hand four and I am jamming ATC.. and I jam and they all fold and I show. I then notify the table I am giving them a break for 15 minutes and will jam all in at exactly 10:57. So I wait and some dude raises 1.50 in EP at 10:57 and I jam and he folds. Even though I announced that I was jamming. I show my A9o. I felt for sure he was going to call. So by now the table thinks I am a total donkey, not a bad assumption. A funny thing happens though. I get into a hand with a OESD and Flush draw. I make my flush. I jam the draw then the made hand and I get paid. I double up. Then I flop two pair and jam. A guy with an OESD calls my all in saying "Ok, I will gamble with you". He was expecting six more outs but I had him drawing to 8 on the flop and 6 on the turn since I picked up a flush draw.

So anyway I end the session up 1.5 buyins. I was up almost 2 buyins at one point. It seemed to me that my prior actions and a little luck sucking out with 17+ outs (I only made my OESD+Flush+Overcards hands one of three times) and some aggressive play made the table much more willing to call off my big bets with weaker hands. In the hand where I made the flush the guy only had a pair of nines. I already mentioned the draw hand.

So the interesting thing here besides me actually winning in cash. I find often times I can not get any action on my big hands. Mostly because people respect my play for some stupid reason or something like that. I do sometimes play a really tight game. So are there ways to generate action? Like Doyle said "You have to give action to get action". Is jamming in and showing a bad hand or calling down with a third pair for a small pot going to loosen up your table? Do you run a bluff and get caught? What methods can you use to make your table go insane?

Normally when I play cash I might win a buyin or a partial buyin. A few times like last night I see the table go crazy and I want to be able to manipulate that. The majority of the times I have made multiple buyins Fluxer has been at my table. Either winning the buyins from him or via transference where the table thinks everyone is a donk because one person is playing overly donkishly.

Any comments or suggestions. I would like to win multiple buyins more often. It is fun.


Blogger 23skidoo said...

..but...but...Presto is GOLD! :(

12:45 PM

Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

FWIW - I think you jamming with garbage hands definitely helped you set up the image. Having said that, obv, that's not something you want to do all the time, just to set up an image.

If you notice though that you're not getting paid off on big hands, you might need to open up your game. If they are folding to you, what I would start doing is take your raising range hands and reraise with them if there's a raise in front of you. I'm not saying commit to the hand. But let's say you have AQ on the button and a guy from CO or late MP raises. Reraise. Even with AJ. Actually cards really don't matter but I say that just so you have some control over when you do it.

Reraise always seem to stay in someone's head more than a regular raise. Also, if you notice that the table is playing tight, just throw in a raise from late position ATC. Of course, fold to minimal aggression and don't chase draws too much. The key there isn't trying to win that pot in particular. It's that you are setting up an image.

If they are still tight, raise suited connectors from UTG. Don't stick to a particular raising range. For a few orbits, you might go raising suited connectors from any position. Next few orbits, you can play tighter, folding hands like QJ, KJ, KQ, JT, QT, KT, from EP. Again, just kinda mix it up. But if you do that, and open up your game, you should be able to generate some action.

Post flop though, I wouldn't go too crazy. You want to be laggy, not maniacal. GL!

2:13 PM

Blogger Littleacornman said...

At $50nl 6 max on most sites I think worrying about setting up an image is probably a risky waste of time.

Stick to ABC poker,pick your spots well and bet the hell out of any big hands you get.Simple :-)

3:00 PM


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