Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weird Times

I had the weirdest dream last night. I guess it might have come from seeing her at the end of the LHE Skillz game. I ended up finishing that bad boy in 7th for zero money. A lot of fun. I had a dream that I had sex with April. It was a really weird dream. We were in her bed and she rolls over and I feel that pleasing sensation of pussy surrounding my nice hard cock.. then Maigrey comes in and disrupts us. Next the dream gets weird. My wife comes in and April wants to hold my hand since we had sex and shit.. and I am like isnay on the ahnday oldingay because my wife is sitting there next to us. What do you think of that Mr. Freud? So now that I have creaped April out for the day.

I went deep in the Skillz game for the second time in a row. Does that mean I have mad skillz? Probably not. I got fucked over by the overlucky Bayne. First both Wankah (not sure which one) and I get him all in with A3 vs K8 vs Q2. Bayne has the K8 and I have the weak Ace and he turns a king to take it down.

Next I get in pre-flop with him. He has JJ and I have A6. Heads up six ways the flop comes JAx. So we bet-call it down. Worst flop ever. Sure I overplayed my Ace but we were heads up.

The final hand that knocked me out in sixth. I had a weakish but decent QTh and about six blinds left. Bayne also has six blinds or so left. So we get most of it in pre-flop. The flop comes Txx which is PERFECT for my hand. So we get the rest of our money in. He flips over A8. The turn is a blank. Then the lucksack rivers me with a fucking Ace. Three fucking outer. Asshole. I swear he is the luckiest fucker ever.

So I am sorta pissed I just missed the money and I go an play my nightly regiment of NLHE HU SNG matches. I get a DREAM opponent. I smoke him the first hand when he can not fold a KING FOUR on a 99JJK board. Sikk. Then he fucking destroys me the next two games. I get all in with him A9 vs A7 and he rivers a seven on my ass.. then I get in with 88 vs A2 and he flops a fucking Ace. Fucking retard.

So I quit on this guy and go find a guy playing HU PLO. This guy was HORRIBLE. He would over commit with just a pair. The first game I call a small raise of his with QQ and flop comes Qxx. We get all in on the flop and my queens hold against his kings. The second game I cripple him with a boat vs his over pair again. Finally I call a small raise of his with a sorta weakish Q6T5 hand s00ted. This guy was so fucking crazy on any flop I think seeing most flops was a good idea for me. The flop comes T6 and we get all in. He has JJ. The river pairs... but it pairs my ten so I beat him with a boat! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMA! He types in the chat "You are the luckiest fucker ever". Now I know how it feels to be Bayne! Woot!

Up for tonight? Hopefully more dreams of female blogger sex. If you want to send me some nice pictures to stimulate my overactive imagination I am going to do the "SUPER HU SNG PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGE!!!". The parameters are as follows. I will play three of my normal level SNG. If I win all three I progress to the next level. Until I lose one. My current longest consecutive winning streak is ten in a row so I probably will not get past the $33 level unless I run really good. Anyway it should keep things interesting. I will also be playing the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! I want to win this bad tonight. Why? Because I am a Hoy hater and I want to keep him from winning. I feel like I have been getting back to form lately and been going deep and winning my fair share of things. So I feel good about a win in the Mookie this year.

I almost forgot, what the hell is it with Duggles and the Dog show? His choice the lovely Beagle won. What the fuck though? How can anyone watch that shit? Is Duggles Beagle Bestiality? I dunno. Weird.

One last thing. Go read Lucy's post on Middle Pairs. Very interesting stuff from someone you can tell knows how to play the game. I need to get me a cash game coach or something.

That is all.


Blogger bayne_s said...

dude the K8 hand I hit the 8 on the flop I was cruising.

You on the other hand were pwned.

10:59 AM

Blogger April said...

I would never want to hold your hand.

11:07 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

But the rest is ok? WOOOO HOOOOOO!

11:18 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

What's hard to understand?

I have a beagle and I have always thought that beagles were the best looking dogs. It's been confusing to me that they perform very poorly at dog shows, so I'm glad to see one finally get some respect as a beautiful dog breed.

Is it the fact that I follow dog shows? Some people only watch the super bowl, you wouldn't call them football fans. I check the Westminster results every year. It's the super bowl of dog shows, after all. I didn't even watch it live, I played WoW all night and DVRd it so I could fast forward to the end.

12:25 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I just think if you watched the whole show that would be insane. I find them to be incredibly boring and stupid but that is my opinion.

12:52 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Sex with April huh????? Was it good?

1:24 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Imaginary Sex with April is always very good.

1:59 PM

Blogger KajaPoker said...

I know why you had the dream:
"I went deep in the Skillz game...."

You just like to go deep. Mystery solved.

2:28 PM

Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

Such deep thoughts from such a shallow man.

Poor April, her brain must be on "Must scrub image of Waffles nude from my mind!"

2:45 PM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

Beagles rule homo and so do Bostons.

3:37 PM

Blogger StB said...

I didn't even watch it live, I played WoW all night and DVRd it so I could fast forward to the end.

I don't know which part of his excuse is the most embarassing. DVRing the show or admitting to playing WOW all night.

7:01 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I don't entirely disagree...

11:46 AM

Blogger Lucypher said...

Waffles, thanks for the pimp-age!

2:38 PM


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