Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picks for todays games

I hate you all so much. So I am going to post my picks on the games for today. I seriously hope Pure Prophet has the exact same picks as me.

12:20pm Xavier - 8.5 Georgia
Umm.. I like the letter X. It is fucking cool. So I pick Xavier! Go X-Men!

12:25pm Kansas -21.5 Portland St.
Two hick towns. I guess I will go with the favorite Kansas. What an upset that would be? haha. Go COOLER POWERS!

12:30pm Michigan St -7.5 Temple
If they go to Temple they must be good Jewish boys so lets go with them.

2:30pm Marquette -6 Kentucky
I did not even know there was a Marquette state. Did we add another state like Puerto Mexico? I guess I will stick with the original states and give Kentucky a nod.

2:50pm Purdue -2.5 Baylor
I like chicken! Especially the nuggets! Goooo Purdue!

2:55pm Kent St. -1.5 UNLV
Kent sounds like a fag name so I will go with the initials. UNLV. Is that Las Vegas? Haha hope so.

3:00pm Pittsburgh -8.5 Oral Roberts
Nothing good ever came out of Pittsburgh and Oral is great so I will go with that.

5:00pm Stanford -14.5 Cornell
Cornballs or someone from Connecticut? Tough tough choice. hmmm. Wait, is this a different Stanford? hmmm. I am so confused. I guess I will go with Stanford.

7:10pm Duke -20 Belmont
Hmmm.. Is it Daisy Duke or KKK Duke? This could make all the difference you know. Umm. Whateva let's go with Duke.

7:10pm USC -3 Kansas St.
I have had steak in Kansas and it was fucking good! GOOOOO STEAK!

7:20pm Washington St. -9.5 Winthrop
I have been to Winthrop MA and lemme tell you that is a bunch of fucking losers. I will go with Washington.

7:25pm Texas A&M -1.5 Brigham Young
Now normally I am against anything from Texas. I would like to be against April. She is a hottie. Getting hotter ever day too. She is doing really great with getting to a weight she wants to be at. I am very proud of her. Anyways.. Brigham Young is such a fucking pussy name. I just can not choose them so it is Texas A&M.

9:40pm Wisconsin -11.5 Cal St. Fullerton
I like cheeeeeese!

9:40pm West Virginia -2 Arizona
Which hicks to choose.. hmm.. The Virginia ones are more inbred I think. Longer time to breed so I will take Arizona.

9:50pm Notre Dame -6.5 George Mason
I like Rudy! Notre Dame is a fucking retard school though. I am picking George Mason just because.

9:55pm UCLA -32 Mississippi Valley State
WOW 32 points!!! That is one fucking big spread. I will take Mississippi just to see if my cooler powers can overcome such a great obstacle.

Anyway whats a good record in one of these? Like if I lose say 90% does that prove cooler powers? 80%? Anyhow I know nothing about Brackets and College and Hoops so these picks are all out of my asshole obviously.

I do hope to cripple someone in their Bracket because I am so fucking pissed off still from last night it is unbelievable. Not at PureProphet per say but at taking 8th in general. I think I played a really unbelievable game with basically zero suckouts for any large amount of chips. I also did not race when behind often except a few calls I made when I had a ton of chips and tried to bust someone. Even those calls I do not thing were bad and never constituted more than 10-15% of my stack.

Tonight I will be trying for 11th in the Riverchasers as this is my lot in life.


Blogger Predator314 said...

I realize you live in the New England area and all cold weather has gotten to your head. But there have been new developments in recent years. West Virginia has become its own state; totally separate from Virginia. I am a product of this state and can read and write and sometimes even stand on my own 2 feet and walk without bumping into shit.

10:44 AM

Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Did you really need to use your cooler powers against Oral Roberts? Don't you think they had a hard enough time already, having to play Pittsburgh in the 1st round?

You're a monster!

9:12 PM


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