Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting a Littttleeee Sick of it All

I am sorta getting sick of 10,12,18, etc.. I mean it is kind of nice that I have scored in the Skillz game like 3 weeks in a row. It is also nice that the majority of the MTTs and SNGs I am playing I am going to the final two tables.. but I am getting fucking fed up of not hitting the big final table spot. Gah! Oh well.

Tonight I was semi-fucked by BuddhoHorseman. He hit his gutshot against my straight draw and someones made pair. I think you have to fold a gutshot before that point.. but I probably should have dumped my OESD somewhere too.. or raised it.. I am not sure. This is where I am weak in Stud. When do you let go of your OESD or Flush draw? I normally if I make the draw by 4th will be in it to the river assuming no scary opponent board. So is this too aggressive? What is the common strategy assuming none of your outs are visibly gone and you have the OESD vs a tame opponent board????!?

Anyhow Riverfuckers is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it as that is a game I seem to go deep in also. It was nice to money tonight but I need to do better. Especially considering I had the lead from 75th to like 25th. Sick.


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