Monday, March 17, 2008

A Tribute to Riggs

I found the always eloquent MiniDonk to be especially profound as she gushed about the frat boys Riggs poker playing acumen. If you are not reading the darling young MiniDonk you should be. She outplayed most of the bloggers in the Jenn Harman Kill a Dog Marathon. I enjoy her blog immensely and think it is much better than some supposed A-Listers out there.

Normally I totally disagree with the youngster about Riggs abilities at the virtual felt. All I have seen him do really is spew his entire stack with monster starting hands like Q5o. As a matter of fact MiniDonks post seems to backup my supposition that he is a freaking nutjob pushmonkey. However I did have the distinguished pleasure of chatting with the frat boy during the Jenn Harmon Euphanise a Cat Today MTT. While I will not go into the deep poker discussions we had, because you fish might be dangerous if you learn something, I can vouch that the Worlds Worst Poker Player thinks Riggs is a damn good player.


Blogger Mini Donk said...

Thankyou for leaving an awesome remark on you post for me. Being at a young age, yes I do look up to Riggs. He is a good poker player to me becuse I am young. He is not the BEST poker player in the world but I do look up to him. All in all if riggs isnt being a donkey he is a good player.

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