Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The April That Never Ended

Ok. I did some rough math. Bayne will tell you how bad my math skillz are. In order for Loretta to win he has to get 3rd or better in the Mookie. This assumes 106 players. If I hold on tonight then I win. In hindsite the correct move in Stud last night with 18 players left was to shut the computer off. However I do not play that way. I did gain another 47 points. Further calculations show that to take overall points lead for the entire BBT3 and be the number one player I need to take first in the Mookie myself to overtake Lucky John. Haha. I am being sarcastic John good job this month. Anyhow I can not lose tonight because either way it will be over and I can move on to May. It will be a good battle tonight I think. Good Game to all playing.


Blogger Mondogarage said...

The $2k seat is being wrapped up for shippage while you want. I can feel it. TID, you mofo.

Just think of it as one more suckout avoidance.

6:42 AM

Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

But the suckout rampage that would commence on him leading most of April and losing it on the last day would have been sooooo Sweet

TID Waffles, cause if you don't some people (Naming none cause they all will say it to your face) will say HA HA!

You can do it!


7:56 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Early congrats on winning April. But ... if you are the World's Worst Poker Player and you win the April competition ... what does that make us?

Shit - I'm depressed...

11:19 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Hi sweety!

I hope you weren't planning on coming to the summer wpbt because I'm not going to be here.

Anyway - I miss you!

I should just download instant messenger here at work and take my chances on getting fired. ha ha

1:32 PM

Blogger Adam said...

Are you offering a Loretta8 bounty? I am a whore...errr...bounty hunter!

-Champ aka Pureprophet

2:00 PM

Blogger lj said...

yeah, waffles! how badly do you want that 2k (minus what goes to backer, obv)? :-)

2:08 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

Sorry Waffles.....

Drizz is playing tonight, therefore so am I. I see it ending ugly, don't you?

Waffles dealt A-A
BamBam dealt 2-3 soooted

BamBam calls $36,000,000 and is all in.

Flop 3 - 3 - 3 and it is ovah !!

See you tonight! ;o)

2:10 PM

Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Oh yeah, pureprophet has a great idea; you or your backer could publicize a Loretta8 bounty for the Mookie tonight!!!

(Of course it would likely backfire and cause your only competition to end up with plenty of dead money from aggro idiot bounty whores like me. But it's a neat thought.)

2:49 PM

Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Im rooting for you tonite waffles!!! Take it deep and win the seat....

6:12 PM

Blogger Iak said...

i am rooting for you, you retard.

6:36 PM


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